Marine Faces NO Charges!

BBC News has published an article citing CBS News that the Marine who shot a wounded terrorist in Fallujah will not be charged. This from the BBC:

Military investigators have concluded there is not enough evidence to prosecute over the shooting, US television network CBS news says

This is good news for the Marine and for all memebers of the military serving in harm’s way. The decision will help protect our service members who must often make a split-second decision. Fortunately, our service members will not have to hesitate during a critical time, a hesitation that could cost them their lives.

When this event took place there was outrage among many that charges would even be considered. Blogs for Bush had an on-line petition and many people signed it to help the young warrior. I am not sure the petition had an effect but it certainly did not hurt.

Now maybe this young Marine can get back to duty and help protect this great country.

Take notice of the headline from CBS. The word unarmed gives the impression that the Marine knew it at the time. The bias continues.

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