Margarine = Jail

Wow. Just, Wow. I know, I shouldn’t be amazed. But still. I’m really almost beyond words when I read that simply eating margarine can get you jailed in Baltimore.

And yes, there are sadly tons of people who are running around, saying what a wonderful thing this is. They’re “helping people.” I’m having a hard time not thinking really bad things about people like Baltimore Health Department agent Juan Gutierrez. Mr. Gutierrez, you seriously suck. Oh sure, you’re “just doing your job.” You still absolutely suck.

Baltimore Commissioner of Health, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, you’re an ass. I’m sorry, but he is. And sadly, I would tell that to him to his face. I wish I didn’t need to. There’s a time when simple words don’t do enough. This isn’t about taking “the other side.” This is about a number of people who want to THROW YOU IN JAIL or kill you if you serve the “wrong” margarine.

Just think about that — if you serve the wrong food, THEY WILL KILL YOU. Oh, of course, Mr. Barbot and Mr. Gutierrez won’t — but they won’t have any qualms about sending someone else to (that would be the police).

See — now this is why I don’t believe that the people left in this country will ever rise up against this government. To see how well we, the servants of government, are trained, one need look no further than the person who was deemed to be selling the “wrong” margarine:

I think they’re doing it right. They’re doing what they have to do.

So when government threatens you for selling the wrong margarine, just bow down and lick their boots. Because if you don’t, government will jail or kill you because they’re “just doing their job.”

I’m glad I know this world is not the end — because freedom in this world, and especially in this country, is completely and totally gone. I hate war. I really do. But I really hope there’s a revolution in this country soon.


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12 Responses to “Margarine = Jail”

  1. Big Dog says:

    In Baltimore nearly 200 people have died of something close to lead poisoning (they were shot and killed) and the government is worried about a personal choice.

    If a diner wantes to use trans fats, let it. If you don’t want to eat it then order something that has fewer or eat at a healthy place (though oddly enough the place was called Healthy Choice).

    Instead of attacking the real problems the Baltimore government has decided to become a nanny state.

  2. victoria says:

    Well–did you see this one? A lot of people in this country have taken leave of their senses–

    • Mr. Ogre says:

      One reason I support that juries should be allowed by judges to fine the lawyers who bring such cases, and the person who brings them.

    • Schatzee says:

      Has anyone ever met a REASONABLY PRUDENT CHILD? Unreal. This same court system allows burglars to sue homeowners if they injure themselves during the commission of a freaking crime so I should not be surprised. The juvenile justice system goes out of its way to marginalize and excuse the criminal behavior of kids up to the age of 17 and this court is ascribing negligence to a toddler.

  3. Blake says:

    They can take my margarine when they pry my cold, dead fingers off of the butter knife.

  4. Blake says:

    This is what is WRONG with America, and the liberal (we know what is better for you than you do) mindset- it is so elitistly condescending to the rest of America- this is a creeping loss of freedom- you should have the right to eat WHATEVER the heck you wish, as long as YOU ARE NOT FORCING SOMEONE to eat a specific thing (as the liberals do).

  5. Schatzee says:

    This is so ridiculous that if it wasn’t in my own stupid liberal laden state I would have thought this was a freakin joke. Personally, I prefer BUTTER, real honest to God butter with all its natural goodness. Margarine is barely a molecule away from plastic in the realm of things and probably does more harm than good so what different does it make which type you choose? Does someone in MD have serious stock on the line here?

    I have to agree with Blake here, you should eat whatever you wish (baring except perhaps neighbors and friends) as long as you aren’t forcing someone else to do it. You should be making your own choices – food, drinks, whatever. There are things much worse for you than margarine – like the lead poisoning mentioned by BD – and the state barely makes an effort to arrest and punish the morons guilty of those infractions.

    I’m afraid to ask what’s next. I really, really am.

  6. Blake says:

    The WHOLE POINT of the United States of America, is that we, the people, HAVE THE CHOICES that other countries and regimes deny to their people- this is one of the most basic reasons that people WANT to immigrate here- they have the freedom to CHOOSE-
    Now, not all people will choose wisely- but that is how the herd gets culled.
    You can tell someone that they shouldn’t run with a pair of scissors, but it is their chance to take, in the end.

  7. Mr. Ogre says:

    “the people, HAVE THE CHOICES”

    Excuse me a moment…. “Hahahahahahaha.”

    Oh sure, that might have been what this country was founded upon, but that is NOT the country we live in today. You might have a choice of what movie to watch on pay-per-view, but this government thrives on taking away your choices in every arena — as this post so clearly points out. We are not free in America today, by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. Blake says:

    For almost a century, yes- some of our choices have been taken away from us, Mr. O- and we are the poorer for it.
    However, despite that, we are still free to make most choices- although this arena is indeed shrinking every day. Mostly, this is done in the name of “public safety”, although, if you wish to be technical about safety, the margin of three to six feet between speeding cars going the opposite way is about as dangerous as it can get, (unless you add in driving with your knees while putting on makeup, or talking on a cellphone)
    Every member of government feels that they have to protect us from ourselves, and NOTHING could be further from the actual truth- we need the danger, just to cull the herd. There are people who feel invulnerable out there, and they need to KNOW that they are not.
    This will improve the quality of our intelligence, when people can truly make decisions based in reality, rather than delusional impressions of government- mandated cradle-to-grave safety.
    You have to give up freedoms for that to happen, and I for one do not want that.

    • Ogre says:

      I’m completely with you on this Blake — but you say that we are free to make most choices. I have a challenge for you — name ONE choice you can make this is not either effected by government regulation or illegal. Other than thoughts (for the moment), I cannot think of a single one.

  9. Casey says:

    You said it alright, WOW. I want my margerine, I want my fat. Its my life, let me decide.
    Thanks for the great article.