Mardi Gras Means Money Waste

At a time when millions of Americans donated time and money to help victims of hurricane Katrina and the government is spending billions of our tax dollars, it seems like a bad idea to hold the annual Mardi Gras celebration. The city has decided to put on an abbreviated version of the party in hopes of luring tourists to the hurricane torn city. At a time when many of the victims are still living in government subsidized arrangements and when the city is attempting to rebuild using countless tax dollars, it seems that the party is the ultimate slap in the face.

I don’t really care if they have the party. I have said before that New Orleans spends more time and effort on planning and executing Mardi Gras than they do emergency evacuation. The result of the misplaced priorities was very evident when Katrina struck. The people abandoned by the city would have probably been evacuated if Mayor Nagin thought they were being bused to Mardi Gras or the polls. They seem to have the ability to move large numbers of people when it is important to them.

The only thing I want is very tight oversight of federal money and the money donated to help the victims. I do not want that money abused for Mardi Gras the way New Orleans has abused federal money sent there in the past. We need vigilance with regard to the money and if one cent is spent on that party the person responsible needs to go to jail for a very long time.

I will be surprised if all the celebrities who called the President a racist show up and spend their money in the Big Easy. You know they want to but how hypocritical would that be when they could donate what they would spend to help displaced residents. A person from the area put it very nicely when he said:

“I love Mardi Gras, so it breaks my heart to say it, but I hope nobody goes,” Johnson said. “If you have that kind of money to party with, you have that kind of money to spend on people in need.”

It would appear that the party that supposedly cares about people is overlooking them in order to waste money on frivolity. Why not, the left has already pushed the entitlement mentality so far forward that people believe they are entitled Mardi Gras while the taxpayer picks up the tab for essentials.

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