Mardi Gras Had A Plan

Well, the city that signed off on an emergency plan that allowed 100,000 people to get stranded worked hard to bring a scaled down Mardi Gras to New Orleans. It is a shame that the city could not plan appropriately for a disaster but they certainly can plan for a party. I want to know where the money to pay for this came from. If it is taxpayer money someone should be strung up and whipped.

I said it before and I will say it again. New Orleans’ elected officials will spend more time planning for Mardi Gras than they will for a disaster. Ray Nagin had a plan that allowed 100k of his people to be left behind and he followed that plan (though I am certain he made sure he had a way out). Then, after he followed his plan, he and the rest of the moonbats blamed the Bush administration. Only a moonbat could get away with being so inept and find a way to place blame on others.

My friend Surfside is in Louisiana again working with the Red Cross. She has been there since just after the first of the year and she might be there a while longer. Here is another fellow that spent time in New Orleans during Katrina and despite popular belief, he made it OK. I got this in an email and I cropped the head out because I do not know the guy and he might not want his face on the web. It seems this shirt is fairly accurate.

Katrina T-Shirt

Source: My Way News

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