March Jackass Of The Month

The voting period for the March JOTM was short but we still got 14 votes. All the votes are in and have been counted and Race Baiter and liberal mouth piece Bryant Gumbel has been chosen as the march JOTM. He has taken his place on the left and the Dog is taking care of bidniz. Here is how the vote breaks down:

  • Bryant Gumbel 7 votes (50%)
  • Kanye West 4 votes (29%)
  • Richard Dreyfus 3 votes (21%)
  • Randy Cunningham NO VOTES

The poll for April is up and we have a few dandies. Senator Russ Feingold is up for his partisan work in the Judge Alito confirmation hearings and his call for a censure of President Bush. Babs Streisand is up for her constant Conservative bashing. This high school grad questioned the President’s (who has a Master’s Degree) intelligence in a diatribe of misspelled words. The entire Westboro Baptist Church for their protesting at military funerals. And we also have Jay Bennish the long haired dope smoking grape NeHi drinker who is supposed to teach geography but instead gives lectures espousing his communist views. This should be a good one so get in there and vote for the person you think deserves to be the Jackass of the Month!

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