Mandela: Paying Respect To A Tyrant

Nelson Mandela of South Africa died last week and leaders from around the world journeyed to that country to pay respect to the man. There were plenty of nice things said about him. Barack Obama took the time to pay respect and then tell us that we should follow Mandela’s example:

We, too, must act on behalf of justice. We, too, must act on behalf of peace. There are too many of us who happily embrace Madiba’s legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality. ~Obama speech

I guess we should follow this because everyone knows that South Africa has no poor people and that poverty has been eradicated there and we know that everyone is treated equally.

No, the reality is that nation is poor, is always involved in some kind of internal conflict and the only people who get rich are leaders like Mandela.

There is an excellent article Crisis Magazine that lays out the history of Mandela and his tyranny. It also discusses how he was not just some political prisoner. He was tried for crimes including terrorism and sent to prison. The article discusses the entire man and not just the saintly image presented by the media and those who praise him. Here is an excerpt:

Within South Africa, on direct orders from Winnie and Nelson Mandela, the ANC targeted not only whites, but also all black civil servants, teachers, lawyers, and businessmen—essentially anyone who imagined a post-Apartheid South Africa that differed from the one mandated by the Marxist ANC. Even simple black peasants who refused to carry out terror attacks were treated as enemies, and they were killed in large numbers. Thus, just as the terroristic FLN killed far more Algerians than did the French during the Algerian war for independence, the ANC was the leading cause of death, by far, for black South Africans throughout the period of Apartheid.

He was no saint for sure. He was a brutal murderer and he used violence to push his political agenda. He went to jail for that.

It is no surprise Barack Obama would love the guy. He is a lot like Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers…

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One Response to “Mandela: Paying Respect To A Tyrant”

  1. Blake says:

    The man was a communist, and while I can respect his fight, I cannot respect his politics.