Man Beats Suspect: Faces Jail

Let’s try this report two ways. First, read this:

On Feb. 22, Officer Hebert said his partner took her daughter and granddaughter, who were visiting, back to the mainland to talk to police, while he lured Hardy to a Mac PC Sales and Service shop in Vineyard Haven.

Officer Hebert was afraid, but needed to confront the person who had been molesting a 3-year old girl. He called state police to back him up.

Officer Hebert said he pointed a bat at Hardy and ordered him to stay seated until more police arrived, but Hardy, he said, stood up and laughed at him — and that’s when he used the bat.

So, anything wrong with that? I’m sure, were that the real story, Officer Hebert would be getting commendations and parades from the city for arresting this fellow, Hardy, who is now charged in a number of different child molestations (all under age 14).

Sadly, that’s not the true story. Instead, Hebert is missing just one thing — a shiny badge. Since everything in that story is accurate, except Hebert doesn’t have a shiny badge, Hebert has been arrested and charged, and is facing 10 years in jail. Yes, seriously. District Attorney Michael O’Keefe is trying hard to put Mr Hebert in jail. I’m sure he’s “just doing his job.” But you can rest assured that if Mr. Hebert had a badge, he could have killed the suspect and been rewarded. But without that badge, the exact same actions will get you thrown in jail for a decade.

Oh, I’d love to be on that jury.

One more thing — Mr. Hebert is in a wheelchair.

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