Man Arrested for Protesting ILLEGAL Workers

My friends at Freedom Folks have a post up about a business man who had his First Amendment rights violated by the police. The gentleman was protesting ILLEGAL workers who were repairing a house when the owner of the house called police. The officer told him to leave and he asked if he was under arrest, they told him no. The officer told him to come to his car and the question was again asked and received the same reply. Then the guy said he wanted his sign back and the cop tried to force him to the car so he sat down. He was cuffed and back-up was called.

They forced him into the car and he asked again and was told no. He then called the owner of the home a cheap bastard and the police cited him for cursing and took him to jail where he spent 22 hours. For a guy that was not under arrest it is strange that he was cuffed (thereby denying him liberty or being under arrest) and then he went to jail which is usually what happens when one is arrested.

The entire story with pictures is at Freedom Folks.

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One Response to “Man Arrested for Protesting ILLEGAL Workers”

  1. They take him into custody but leave the illegals alone. That’s par for the course these days I guess.