Man Arrested for Possession of Firecrackers

Well, that could very well be the title of this article. But that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, nor as inflammatory, so it isn’t. Instead, to help sell news and to attempt to divide people more, the article screams, “Man with Explosives” and “Outside Mosque.” That way it sounds really bad and can be used as evidence of hatred towards a protected, special class of people.

In reality, a man had some M-80s. For those who are too young to remember, these are inch and a half-long firecrackers. When they explode, they make a loud noise and flash. About the only way they can really do any serious damage is if you are holding them when they go off. They are just big firecrackers.

And the guy was arrested with some.

Oh, but wait! The guy has “a long history of anti-government activities,” according to the police. In other words, this guy was an enemy of the government, and government wanted him jailed, so they found a reason to jail him.

It is highly unlikely we will ever know why the man was at the Islamic center, as the press and the government isn’t big on telling the truth. But hey, it is Dearborn, Michigan, so I expect he may be charged with violations of Sharia law before this is all over.

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One Response to “Man Arrested for Possession of Firecrackers”

  1. Blake says:

    The government can make up just about ANY history on someone they need to justify their actions- I am holding off any judgement on this person for now, but at first blush, it sounds like this was an investigation that needed to be dropped after the first stages showed that it was firecrackers-