Madonna injects politics into concert

Madonna is a left wing lunatic. This is well known and she fits right in with all the other celebrity liberals who are out of touch with reality. She is such a patriot that she lives in another country and with all her money she found it necessary to adopt from someplace other than America. There is no doubt that this woman has a set of pipes and can sing very well. Unfortunately, she is like many other liberal celebrities who cannot just do what she gets paid to do without injecting her opinions on American politics into her job.

I have never been a fan of Madonna. As I stated, she can sing and I like some of her songs, but she is a first class skank. If she had as many sticking out of her as she had stuck in her she would look like a porcupine. She has injected her political opinions into her concerts before when she was out trying to help defeat President Bush. This time she likened John McCain to Hitler and Robert Mugabe (the thug from Zimbabwe). This was done by displaying McCain’s image with theirs during one of her songs. The One was pictured with John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi and Al Gore.

Imagine if a Conservative entertainer (I know they are hard to find) had likened Obama to bin Laden, Mugabe, or any other bad person. The uproar would be heard around the globe and not just because of the Muslim connection. Suppose a Conservative was putting on a concert or show and said; “What do Obama and bin Laden have in common? They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.*”

Imagine if they showed a picture of The One and his running mate and referred to the ticket as Obama bin Biden?**

We have already seen the reaction when people said he was a closet Muslim. We have heard the calls of racism and “distractions” as well as how childish such things are. But since McCain is a Republican it is OK to liken him (as the left does to Bush) to Hitler. Liberal celebrities are all about using their positions to tell the rest of us what is best for our lives. Considering the way they live theirs, I don’t think I will take their advice. Of course, this would explain why they are liberal.

Madonna is not the only one to get involved in the action, she is just the latest. Son of a slain drug dealer, Sean “Diddy” Combs, was part of the “vote or die” campaign in 2004 (when he was not busy shooting up night clubs). Bush won and the youth is still alive in America.

It is amazing that the left will scream that the Republican Party is the party of fear and that it will use fear to sway voters. I will wager that they will not call Madonna’s stunt an issue that uses fear to persuade voters.

Well, one of Obama’s fellow celebrity performers opened the door so here for your listening pleasure is the new Obama anthem.

*Thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU
**Thanks to Sonnabend at Voice of the Pacific

Big Dog

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10 Responses to “Madonna injects politics into concert”

  1. Adam says:

    “If she had as many sticking out of her as she had stuck in her she would look like a porcupine.”

    A baseless, sexist attack on her rooted not in fact but simply public opinion.

    Do we really have to go back into this stuff? You want to fire up the bulldozers and run over a bunch of Madonna CDs?

    I don’t know how you can play the “imagine if” game with Obama when we both know that all sides are making these ridiculous statements and videos likening X to Y where X is whomever or whatever they hate at the time and Y is whatever bad historical person or movement or thing that will get the biggest cheers from the audience.

    What gets me about all of these people making these statements (which I’m pretty sure I’ve incorrectly connected Bush to Hitler in my younger years) is that there are actual comparisons you can make that are more exact, but when you compare anything to Hitler for example it’s just the end of logic and truth in the conversation, so what is the point?

    Granted there is a rumored connection between Nazi money and the Bush family, but of course that doesn’t make Bush Hilter. You can’t build a Nazi like movement in a country with just 30% support.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Baseless ans sexist?

    She was married several times and dated many others not to mention the videos suggestion sexual encounters.

    Adam, don’t ask like a moron, she has been around the block more times than the Good Humor man. Saying that this is baseless is like saying that Liz Tayor is a virgin.

    We can connect the money of all wealthy people to something, some of which is bad. Look at Kennedy money. And if Obama is ready to dismiss Ayers’ actions because it happened 30 or 40 years ago we can dismiss what the Bushes did about 80 years ago.

    If people can compare Bush to Hitler and make a cogent argument then they should do it. The problem is, most of the nitwits shouting Hitler know nothing about the guy except he was bad so Bush must be like him.

    I am sure there are valid comparisons, look at how Obama’s campaign is just like Communist propaganda campaigns including very similar signs and slogans. Of course, Obama is a Socialist so that is no slanderous shot.

    The whole point though, is why does she do this in her concerts? Is it a political contribution to Obama? No, I do not want to run over her CDs. It is more effective not to buy them, just ask the Dixie Chicks.

    Here is a clue for you Adam, if entertainers do not want to be attacked for their political views then they should not display them during their shows. And for people like you, instead of attacking me for saying it is wrong perhaps you should be saying that what she did is improper. Or, is she allowed to express her opinion but I am not allowed to express mine? That is so typically liberal of you.

    What you are saying in your comment is that if people decided not to buy her stuff (the equivalent of running over CDs) then they are wrong. After all, she has a right to express herself. How dare you bigoted people deny her that right by EXPRESSING yourselves…

    Of course we know all sides are doing it…

    BS!! Show me one entertainer who is conservative who has slammed Obambi in a show. Well…

    While we are on fact vs public opinion, you have based a lot of your opinion of the current president on opinion and not fact. You continued that even when things have been shown to be incorrect. Is it fair to say that as a liberal you are allowed to do that but conservatives are not? Regardless, Madonna is a skank who has slept around a lot. But here is a bit of info for her, if you don’t want to be called a whore, don’t act like one.

  3. Adam says:

    Well obviously Madonna’s sex life is a hot button issue for you. You viewed my comment as more of an attack on you than I intended it to be.

    You disagree with Madonna’s use of her fame and free speech so you attacked her personal sex life. I personally think that’s a sexist low blow on your part.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Her sex life is not a hot button issue for me because I really don’t care what she does. I find it interesting that if it isn’t racist, it is sexist. I also find it interesting that her trashing of McCain is a free speech issue but my trashing of her is sexist. A typical double standard.

    Are all the newspapers that reported her affair with A-Rod sexist as well for pointing out her sex life?? My point is, who is she to tell others how to live or what to do (which is what she was doing).

    Just to be clear, this is not a free speech issue for her. You are only guaranteed that government will make no law abridging free speech. Non government can do it. I have every right to do what I want (legally) with regard to what she said because she has no free speech in public. You may say what you want but there might be consequences. Ask the aforementioned Dixie Chicks…

    I think her attack on McCain by comparing him to Hitler was uncalled for. But let me ask you this, suppose a McCain supporter paid to see that concert. Should that person have to put up with that since he did not pay to see that? Should they be able to get a refund?

    As for how something is viewed, when you throw the words racism or sexism around it is an attack no matter how it was intended. Sexism is discrimination based on a person’s sex. Have I discriminated against her? Since I do not have the ability to do that to her (I cannot hire her and she does not work for me. I do do not have a business where she could receive service) how could I have been sexist?

    Crass, Maybe. Crude, maybe as well but sexist, definitely not.

    I was no more crude to her than she was to McCain. I am tired of liberals throwing the Nazi and Hitler insults around. I had a liberal twit at work infer I was a Nazi. When I got done with him he was thumb sucking in a corner and he has never made that mistake again.

    I have decided that I will no longer ignore these kinds of insults and that I will start speaking on a level that liberals understand. If attacking people for whatever reason is what is called for then so be it.

    No longer will people get away with throwing sexist or racist as an insult and not have to account for it. We can start by them having an understanding of what those two things are before they spew them.

    I don’t care how they feel personally.

  5. Reason says:

    I think entertainers should be able to express their opinions, however they shouldn’t be doing it on my dime. If they want to go out and campaign for Obama on their time, give a concert or appearance where the proceeds go to a campaign that is fine.

    If I pay to go see a performer to see them perform on a tour then I don’t want to see or hear their political views. If I buy a CD I don’t want to hear their political views, I’m paying for music not their whacked out politics.

    What I don’t get is why people put up with it. Imagine say if Eva Longoria stopped in the middle of Desperate Housewives and broke character for 5-10 minutes to offer up her political views.

    I don’t even like it when they are extremely public about their politics, it makes me want to avoid movies, music, and TV that I otherwise might enjoy to keep my money out of their pockets. The Dixie Chicks are a good example, they are good singers, however if they only could keep their traps shut otherwise I’d own more of their recent music.

  6. Adam says:

    Saying you can’t be sexist about Madonna because you don’t employ her is like saying you can’t be racist against black people because you don’t employ them. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

    I don’t just call you sexist or racist because it’s what we liberals do. Get over yourself for thinking that.

    My advice for you is to stop being racist and sexist and maybe we would stop calling you out on it every other day.

  7. Big Dog says:

    You are wrong on this issue. Get over yourself and stop throwing accusations you cannot prove. Don’t tell me how you feel about something. Either prove it or shut up. I am not going to have you coming here and throwing around that crap without foundation.

    You take care of your party and its racist past and present and quit making accusations that are not true.

    Taking a shot at one person who is a female is not sexist just as taking a shot at one person who happens to be from one of the 3 races is not racist so long as neither shot was about sex or race.

    I specifically took issue with one person who happened to be a female. What if it had been a man I made the remarks about? What would you call it then? Stop parroting the liberal talking points.

    Madonna is a slut. She is a skanky, ugly, smarmy slut. Not all women are this but she is and that is not sexist. It is my opinion about ONE woman.

    Sexism involves discrimination as its primary motive. Racism involves a belief that one race is superior to another. I could be racist by saying that one race is superior and I would not have to employ the person. However, since sexism involves discrimination, I cannot be sexist if I cannot discriminate.

    In any event, I never claimed Madonna was inferior because she was a woman. She is superior to many in her singing talent. But she is still a skank.

  8. Bunny Colvin says:


    Madonna is ugly? Wow! You must score some Grade A a$$ to make that accusation. Talk about high standards. Teach me the secrets of picking up 10s, wise canine.

    Your post is silly, as usual. Who the hell cares if Madonna wants to compare McSame to Hitler and Mugabe? *(you didn’t need to tell me who he is- I already knew, unlike most of your uninformed puppies). You clowns swear by capitalism as if it’s some sort of religion, for God’s sake. You should act like capitalists and you won’t look like such whiney b!tches. Don’t like Madonna? Don’t buy her music. It’s that easy. You won’t catch me in line for Sped Nugent’s latest “music”.


  9. No longer a fan says:

    I used to be a fan until I attended her recent concert. I don’t know why Madonna cannot just do what she gets paid to do without injecting her opinions on American politics into her concert. I paid good hard earned money for the tickets to see Madonna’s talent not her personal opinions on politics. I thought they were very offensive. It’s the last show I will ever spend my money on.

  10. Just_a_girl08 says:

    Totally agree with you Big Dog She is a skank. I think its ridiculous how liberals can go and just completely tear down anyone they don’t agree with, without regard to anything or anyone. Yet when Republicans or Conservatives try to defend themselves they are called racist, sexist, or anything else they can think up. Liberals make me sick quite frankly.