Madonna Bullies Boy Scouts

The singer Madonna was at the GLAAD Awards Ceremony where she was presenting Anderson Cooper with an award (for what, finding his way out of the closet). I don’t care if they have these award programs or that they are up there saying what they feel but someone should tell Madonna that private organizations can do what they want.

She blasted the Boy Scouts because they do not allow gay people to join or to be leaders.


If gay people don’t like that then they can start their own scouting organization for gays only. Ever notice that groups perceived as victims by the government and liberal twits always screech about inclusiveness but then restrict who can join their groups?

What next? Will liberals demand that the VFW or American Legion allow non veterans to join so more liberals can be included?

In any event, Madonna showed up in a scout uniform and said she wanted to join the boy scouts but they would not let her. I imagine this was some kind of joke but if not, here is a clue for the clueless singer; BOY Scouting is for BOYS. She claims she was in the girl scouts but they threw her out because she wore a skirt that was too short and ate the cookies instead of selling them. Perhaps this too was a joke but if not it seems to me the problem is Madonna and not any particular organization.

Madonna, after blasting the Boy Scouts, proceeded to rant about a few things including bullying.

So let me get this straight. Madonna bullies the Boy Scouts about its position on gays and then rants about how bad bullying is. Madonna has a history of bullying people who hold political positions with which she disagrees.

But this is typical liberalism. Deride others for what you do.

Hell, Michael Moore says he hates the rich and lives in a house that is the size of a small village. Madonna could move in but only one idiot is allowed per village.

But I digress.

Madonna is a dim witted moron who happens to have a particular talent. The world would be a better place if she stuck to only opening her mouth while singing.

Perhaps the gay community is GLAAD she spoke out but I doubt she had any impact on the Boy Scouts.

They stand for tradition, values, and service, things Madonna has no clue about.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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3 Responses to “Madonna Bullies Boy Scouts”

  1. Real Deal says:

    Why is common sense so uncommon now days?

    Ask people if they would send a heterosexual male out with a group of young pre-teen to teen age girls on a camping trip by himself and you mostly get a “no” in response.

    If you wouldn’t do that why would you send a homosexual male out with a group of boys?

  2. Vxnschatzee says:

    In this same light, there was a recent comment by a folk singer (Michelle Shocked) at her concert that has everyone up in arms. She is a born-again Christian and said something that got everyone in the LGBT community up in arms. Several of her remaining venues promptly canceled her concerts and fans were stating that they would not be buying any more of her music. [FYI – she has since apologized for this event and swears that she does not support this position and was only stating that some Christians believe as such.]

    The point is, when the Dixie Chicks spoke out and had a backlash from people who did not agree with their opinion it was a major deal and the consumers were chastized for not supporting their First Amendment right to say whatever they wanted. Now that the shoe is on a Christian foot, it’s a whole new ballgame and you are not allowed to speak your opinion especially on homosexuals or woman’s choice.

    Liberals are all bullies – if you don’t follow their lead then you are wrong and racist and stupid and a host of other things. This is so out of control and the major reason why more conservatives do not speak up. NOTE – no one is guaranteed the right to not be offended. Deal with it – make friends with it – get over it.