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There is a bit of anxiety this week because the Chinese have finally made a direct threat to the United States. The US has a treaty with Taiwan and under that treaty we will protect and defend them in the event China resorts to military force as a method of negotiation. There has been a great deal of back and forth banter between the nations over the years but the Chinese never made a direct threat. We all know they were responsible for causing damage to a US military plane causing an unscheduled landing in China where the crew was detained until we could negotiate them out. Of course, we could not get our plane back and no one had the guts to fly a few fighters in there to bomb the hell out of what was left of it to prevent the Chinese from gaining information. Be that as it may, there are many people just a bit more nervous this week than they were last. It is unsettling when a nuclear power threatens to bomb you with nuclear weapons.

I was on travel and missed the big deal over this and was informed by others of the threat. My first thought was that we would be attacked using the very technology that Bill Clinton gave to the Chinese. First that administration gives North Korea nukes and now they are causing problems. Then it gives guidance system technology to the Communist Chinese so they can use their missiles more effectively and put them right on target in the US. The pundits from the left can spin this any way they want but if you are unable to see that Clinton made this country less safe then there is no hope.

Financial Times dot com has the story about a Chinese General who stated that if the US got involved they would have no choice but to use nuclear devices. They have plenty of choices and this is not a wise one. Here are the General’s own words:

“If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China’s territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,” said General Zhu Chenghu.
Gen Zhu was speaking at a function for foreign journalists organized, in part, by the Chinese government. He added that China’s definition of its territory included warships and aircraft.
“If the Americans are determined to interfere [then] we will be determined to respond,” said Gen Zhu, who is also a professor at China’s National Defence University.
“We . . . will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds . . . of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.”

My take on this at the moment is that this guy is probably out of the mainstream and does not speak in any official capacity. It would appear that there is a lot of saber rattling going on. If a country were actually going to use the nuclear weapons why would they announce it to the world? Why would they give us a chance to prepare? It would appear it was designed as a threat to make us fear honoring our treaty with Taiwan. The unfortunate part is that General Chenghu has caused a few problems. You see, if Taiwan is now attacked there is no way we can ignore it or try to negotiate. If we do every thug and terrorist in the world will see it as a sign of weakness and that we were intimidated by the threat of nuclear attack. This will embolden our enemies to make similar threats and it will embolden rogue nations to ratchet up their nuclear programs so they too can use the weapons to threaten the US. If anything happens we are obligated to act so as to send a clear message to the world that we are not afraid and that we can not be coerced into doing something. When we defend Taiwan China will most certainly be obligated to use its nuclear weapons or they will be in a similar situation. Inaction will take away the credibility of their regime. Unless some government official speaks up and says this General is mistaken the stage has been set for one hell of a mess.

Given that Clinton helped set this stage by giving the Chinese the technology, it is interesting that one of his former cronies has come out and said we are not very safe here in the US. Paul Begala, as with all Clintonistas, is trying to rewrite history. He said that under the Clinton administration there was a right balance of experience and strength when it came to national security. The lefties might agree but the 9/11 Commission did not. The event at which Begala spoke was full of the requisite expletives about republicans and the typical droning of talking points such as the parroting of Dean’s “republicans are brain dead” line.

They are entitled to say what they want and why should the fact they are not in office compel them to say anything truthful. They could not tell the truth when they were in power so why should anything be different now? The funny thing, as they attempted to rewrite history once again, is that John Podesta got up there and said:

“You can fight hard for what you believe without breaking the law, without cheating and certainly without checking your morals at the door.”

This is certainly true but how would he know that. No one from the Clinton administration ever told the truth including the ring leader Bubba. Now, as they march toward the White House again, they want to bombard us with more lies and try to change the opinions and thoughts of people with short memories or little intelligence. Unfortunately, there are many people they will convince.

As they are talking you remember what the Dog said. We would not be getting threatened by the Chinese if Clinton had not provided them with the things they needed to make the missiles work. The left might say I am just blaming things on Clinton again but don’t listen to them. If those nukes land in their back yards they would find a way to blame it on Bush just like they did 9/11. Fact is, none of the donks know how to keep us safe. Clinton gave us 9/11 and Bush hit back. Clinton gave us the Chinese threats but thank God Bush is in there to stand tough. The cowards on the left would be hiding in the corner by now.

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