Mad MD Needs Reality Check

Mad Doctor Howard Dean is out trying to drum up support for his party and their insatiable quest for power. Dean has had all these wacky ideas about how to take back the country and most of them deal with telling different types of lies. Dean want to act more like what voters want in office. Mind you, he does not want the donks to actually be that way, just act like it long enough to get into office. Here is what the Mad MD had to say about the donks having their own message:

“What the propagandists on the right have done is make people afraid to say they are Democrats,” Dean told a gathering of Vermont Democrats. “We have to be out there. We have to be vocal. We have to be pushing our version of the facts because their version of the facts is very unfactual[sic].”

First of all Howie, a person can not have a version of facts that are nonfactual (unfactual is not a word). If they are nonfactual then the person has lies, not facts. I just wanted to clear that up to help that high priced education of yours. Remember, a fact is a piece of evidence that has objective reality; the truth. If you have an “untruth” you have a lie. Now on to his comment. We need to be pushing our version of the facts. Someone’s version of the facts rarely contain facts. They contain stories intended to convey a message that is not necessarily based in truth. You can not have a version of a fact. It is either true (a fact) or it is not.

This is one more piece of the giant makeover the donks are giving themselves. They are going across America leaving little Trojan Horses behind. These Horses behinds are going to run for office and if they win they will open up and reveal something the very opposite of what has been portrayed. They are doing this because Dean and the donks know that if they ran for office and told the truth they could not get elected. If they came out and told you what they really believed in and what they wanted to do while in office they know you would not vote for them. They know that most of America has conservative values and they can not compete with that.

You can read Howie’s rants about diversity and how the democrats are the party that is diverse. They look it and remember, they are very tolerant but only if you agree with them. Dean’s new message: Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Read it here.

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One Response to “Mad MD Needs Reality Check”

  1. Surfside says:

    Doesn’t it make you wonder just how many times Dean was sued for malpractice before he decided on a career change. At least in politics, you don’t hold anyone’s life in your hands — unless, of course, you’re the president. I think we dodged that bullet. :doh_tb: