Mad Bomber Mohammad T-Shirts

It looks like the religion of peace will have another thing to have peaceful demonstrations over. A company has taken the picture of Mohammad with a bomb on his head and made it into a T-shirt. The shirt is only $18.99 and is a great way to show the world that you are not bound by anyone else’s religion. It is a great way to show that you have as much right to show Mohammad the Bomber as they do to burn the American flag.

Jews and Christians are mocked all the time and our religious symbols are treated like trash. The ACLU is hell bent on destroying religion (Judeo Christian only) in this country. So called artists make their “art” depicting Mary and Jesus covered with human waste and all kinds of other things. They made Jesus into Osama bin Laden and Kanye West, who thinks he should be in the Bible (Perhaps Judas?) mocked Jesus on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Muslims have their panties in a wad because Mohammad was drawn. Big stinking deal. Did anyone see a bunch of Jews riot, burn, and kill when the nut job president of Iran said the Holocaust did not happen or that he was going to wipe Israel off the map? No, and we are supposed to be worried because they don’t like pictures of the “prophet.” Screw them. Go out and buy one of these shirts and show that you support Freedom of the Press as well as Freedom of Speech.

I wonder how many moonbats will agree. They only believe in freedom of anything that agrees with them.

Here is the web site for the shirt.

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