Macy’s says Bah Humbug to Christmas

WND reports that Macy’s, the department store depicted in the movie miracle on 34th Street, has taken references to Christmas out of the store. The store has replaced the traditional Christmas greetings with more politically correct versions like Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings.

There are now groups of people boycotting the store. They feel it is hypocritical for the store to make tons of money selling Christmas gifts but not acknowledging Christmas itself. I wonder if they have gotten rid of Santa Claus?

Macy’s has made a fortune over the years. They get free publicity every time the movie airs. Now they refuse to mention Christmas. I wonder why they refuse to see that this “Holiday Season” is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and that there is no shame in celebrating this?

What a shame. I have never shopped at Macy’s and have never planned to. I would recommend that those of you who are fed up with the political correctness look for stores who are not ashamed to mention Christmas.

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