Lying Meatbrain Does it Again

The lying Terry Meatbrain is at it again. Terry likes to call people liars if they do not use the exact words in a quote or title or if it is within his definition of a lie. He attacks a lot of people and calls them liars even when their writing shows they made no attempt to distort the truth. Terry Meatbrain, on the other hand, loves to cherry pick and tell outright lies. He has “quoted” me as saying something when the words he accuses me of are not even in my post. But there is no lie that Terry Meatbrain will not tell. Case in point. His latest post is entitled:

Bush tells troops to go stuff it

The president never said those words.

There is no lie that Meatbrain will not tell

There is no lie that Meatbrain will not tell

There is no lie that Meatbrain will not tell

This is the same thing that Terry accused Jim Hoft of here

So Terry Meatbrain, I have a few questions:
Where exactly did the President use the words Stuff it?

When did George Bush tell the troops to stuff it using those words?

I will sit back and wait for your response liar. And when you figure there is no response because you lied, I demand that you apologize to the president.

Folks, don’t hold your breath waiting for this cretin to admit he lied or to apologize. Terry Meat brain will more than likely attack me and say I am a coward and a liar because that is what he does. This is the problem with socialist moonbats. They distort the truth and they outright lie and then they make excuses or lie about lying.

OK lying moonbat, it is your turn to explain your deceitful ways. Have at it, coward.

Big Dog

Author note: This post is a parody of how Meat Brain writes and attacks others (and resembles the linked post for that reason). It is designed to show that he is guilty of exactly what he accuses others. In reality, I know what he meant by the post but I am holding him to the same standard to which he holds others.

So answer up Terry…

Update: Terry is already telling people they are idiots because they asked him to show where the president said Stuff It.

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