Lowest Form Of Scum

Some lousy piece of horse dung took flags from the house of a veteran’s family in Cincinnati and set them on fire under a car, thus destroying the car. The more tragic part is that the flags were there to honor the memory of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. The flags were placed there by family and friends after his funeral. Some no good, dirty rotten, hair-lipped, limp-wristed, coward of a jackass took all the flags and burned them. The police vowed to catch who ever did this.

Before people start telling me about this criminal’s right to free speech let me head you off at the pass. These flags were private property and they were on private property. They were set on fire on private property and the fire burned up someone’s car. They need to catch the person who did this and charge him with one count of arson for EACH flag that was burned and one count for the car. This should get him enough jail time to keep him from doing anything like this again.

The soldier who was killed had a 2 year old daughter and his wife is expecting their second child in 2 weeks. If it isn’t enough that her life was turned upside down by the death of her husband, a brave soldier, now some jerk dishonors his memory and causes more pain to the family. This young wife appears to have a real sense of honor and deep religious values. Here is what she said about her husband, PFC Timothy Hines:

“Tim was a fighter. He fought hard for his country, family and ultimately, his life. He was a loyal husband and father and an incredible American,” a tearful Katy Hines said at the funeral. “There is a price for freedom and Tim paid the ultimate price. Now he is in the loving arms of God.”

I only wish PFC Hines had lived and the jackass who burned the flags had been killed instead.
There are, however, still some decent people out there. From the article, “An anonymous donor gave Cincinnati Christian $130,000 to cover tuition for Hines’ children.”

You can read the story here.

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One Response to “Lowest Form Of Scum”

  1. He may have a right to burn a flag but he has no right to steal and vandalize. I, personally, would have beat him to within an inch of his life if I caught him doing that to me. I probably would be sitting in jail for a long time while they would have cut him loose out of the hospital and probably never charge him.