Louisiana Politicians Stick It To The Taxpayer

I have written in the past about the efforts to rebuild New Orleans. Notice that I said New Orleans. In addition the states of Mississippi and Alabama need help. But from the news you would think that only the state of Louisiana and I mean the entire state was devastated by hurricane Katrina instead of a little place on the Gulf Coast. Americans gave millions of dollars in charity to help the people there and the government has decided that no cost is too great to rebuild the place. I have expressed in the past and I will reiterate it here, the federal government is under no obligation to pay all the costs to rebuild this place.

I also pointed out that the politicians in Louisiana are adding all the pork in the world to the bill to rebuild the STATE! They want the taxpayers of the rest of the US to foot the bill for things that are in no way connected to the damage of the hurricane. There is no way that we Americans can sit back and let Mary Landrieu screw us out of billions of dollars so that every little thing in Louisiana can get fixed. Here is a rundown of some of the outrageous items that this dip stick wants us to pay for.

This pork barrel spending includes: $120 million for a laboratory facilities and equipment at the Southern Regional Research Center, $35 million for the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, $8 million for direct financial assistance to alligator farmers, $25.5 million to complete the Sugarcane Research Laboratory, $12 million for the restoration of wildlife management areas and $28 million for the restoration and rehabilitation of forestlands. The Louisiana legislators appear committed to grabbing as much as they can even if they cannot spend it effectively. For instance, they request $7 billion for rebuilding evacuation and energy supply routes on top of $5 billion for expansion of road and transit capacity. They also demand $20 million for the establishment of development plans for development districts in the State of Louisiana.
They ask for $150 million for small business loans fund and tax breaks on top of $50 billion in block grants. But they also ask for lost sales revenues for many commercial entities. For instance, they request $27 million for lost timber-sales revenues from the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area and $250,000 for dairy-cattle losses of dairy producers along with $11 million for livestock losses.
The Louisianans also request $715 million for diverse military construction projects, including $160 million to implement the 2005 recommendations of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission related to the Federal city development in Algiers, La. Even with imagination it is hard to see what this has to do with Hurricane Katrina.
The delegation requests a gigantic budget for the Army Corps of Engineers. The request for $40 billion is 10 times the Army Corps’ annual budget for the entire nation. It is also 16 times the amount necessary to protect New Orleans from a category five hurricane.

I wouldn’t give two squirts of whiz for alligator farmers, seafood promotion or any of this other crap that is not hurricane related. Of all the unmitigated gall! How dare this money grubbing low life politician put her filthy hands into the pockets of generous Americans to get her state all these pork projects. I encourage every person out there to write to your elected representatives and let them know that you will not donate another cent to their campaigns and that you will not donate to charity again if they do not stop this money hungry prostitute from screwing us out of our cash.

If you want a protest in Washington DC, this is a reason to do it. Not that limp-wristed anti-war crap. This is about our money and our generosity being taken advantage of and we need to stop it now.

Read about Landrieu and the pork here.

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