Lost Adam Tries to Bite the Big Dog

Adam over at Lost Adam has taken me to task for the last post. He attempts to refute my issues with his post. I will address his “concerns”.
This is his post:

The Big Dog didn’t like what I had to say about Crazy Mark Noonan last night. Here is what I think of his response:

This guy Adam wants everyone to believe that there is widespread abuse of prisoners and that we are raping and killing them.

It is the Red Cross that reports humiliating acts, solitary confinement, temperature extremes, use of forced positions in Gitmo. The whole premise of Noonan’s statements were that these groups do not care about the United States, only in making us look bad to the world. Personally I think that nonsense.

Adam likens us to the savages who are cutting off heads and killing innocent civilians. I know some innocent civilians have been killed but we are not targeting them.

Dahr Jamail who writes for the NewStandard in fact does report targeting of civilians in Iraq. Jamail brings us eyewitness reports like this one: I watched them roll over wounded people in the street with tanks, he said. This happened so many times. This one too: The Americans shot them with rifles from the shore, he said. Even if some of them were holding a white flag or white clothes over their heads to show they are not fighters, they were all shot..

Perhaps it is just me, but the part about more importantly the Iraqi people rubs me the wrong way.

I think it is just him. Of course the Iraqi people are important! We invaded their sovereign nation saying we were going to overthrow their government in order to free them and make America safer at the same time. We wrecked their schools and their hospitals and their electrical utilities. Now many of them are dead. Freedom isn’t free, I guess. Don’t go bringing 9/11 into this either. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and we all know it. Of course I’m pissed that Americans died in New York and Washington D.C. Of course I’m pissed that Saddam murdered his people. I care about human beings and that is why I’m apposed to this aggressive policy towards the world and this war in Iraq. Did I want Saddam to continue murdering his people? Of course not. Did I want America to go in and murder his people for him? Absolutely not. How is that unclear?

I can not understand how anyone who witnessed the attacks on 9/11 could be against fighting those responsible.

Exactly. When are we going to fight those responsible? I hated the war in Afghanistan too of course but we could have finished there instead of going to Iraq even though the nation was not responsible for 9/11. We have lost over 1200 American lives there in Iraq and where is bin Laden?

I think we can see his agenda.

What is my agenda?

I think this lefty donk (who I believe claims to be an Independent) has Post Election Stress Disorder.

I’m no donk, but I am a lefty. I am in fact an independent as the parenthesis suggested. I did however vote for Kerry and I would have voted for Clinton. He is right. I hate the election results. I probably did call Republicans morons after the elections. I take it back though, mostly.

The site is laced with hugs and kisses for the former pervert in chief.

What’s with all of the Bill Clinton bashing at the end? What would I have said about the fighting of the Clinton years? Well, since he had no major wars like the Bush administration has, I’d say it’s hard to connect these two. Today I would have been apposed to the military actions though I believe. Back then I was in my teens though and what did I care about government or politics? People have asked me that before and I can only say I don’t know. As far as I can tell I’ve only mentioned Bill Clinton once and that was a quoted opinion about his book. So I don’t know what he’s talking about with the hugs and kisses line.

That’s that, though. I think he makes a lot of assumptions about me, which is funny. I don’t assume to know anything about him and I won’t try to use it to prove him wrong. It’s all good though. I’m glad Big Dog took an interest in my writing.

The use of humiliating acts (except for extremes like sexual in nature), solitary confinement and temperature extremes are probably not well defined as torture. Torture is what the Viet Cong did to our warfighters while John Kerry was aiding and abetting them. Our women POWs were raped by the Iraqis. Now that IS torture. The Red Cross did not say we were beating them, shocking them, raping them, or any of a number of other methods of torture. They were being inconvenienced, if in fact these acts are taking place.

Maybe wounded Iraqi fighters were driven over by tanks. Was this a deliberate act? Did the drivers see them. We moved through awfully fast. There is no evidence that the American warfighters took deliberate acts to drive over wounded Iraqis. We shot people holding up white flags. Maybe so, but these are the same people who held up white flags and then opened fire on us when we approached them. There is no evidence to suggest that the people driven over or shot while holding white flags were civilians. They could have been fighters. Someone assumed they were civilians or did not take into account they could have been fighters. It makes for “better” news when those who relate stories assume the worst.

I did not say the Iraqi people were not important. They are just not as important to me as Americans are. There are more schools, hospitals, and services now than before the war. There is more electricity supplied (about 5000 megawatts) than before the war (about 4400 megawatts). Schools are now just that, not weapons caches and havens for terrorists. Iraq was not directly responsible for 9/11. The fact that Hussein met with bin Laden to curry favor and provided safe haven for terrorists makes him culpable. George Bush said if you harbor terrorists you are as guilty as the terrorists themselves. He also gave Hussein the chance to leave. Hussien decided he was against us and that was his mistake. What will it take for people to realize that you have to stop a threat before it manifests into something bigger and more dangerous? In case it is not clear, we are fighting in Iraq because they were a breeding ground for terrorists. Hussein paid families of suicide bombers. We did not invade their sovereign nation saying we were going to liberate them. We went in because intelligence said there were WMD. While we have not found them it is clear they were there. It is also clear that it is easy to say we should not have gone in because there are no WMD AFTER we went and did not find them.

The agenda would appear to be a liberal posing as an Independent who is upset with the results of the election and who will, through his posts, will attempt to take away the legitimacy of Bush’s Presidency and denigrate our Armed Forces. Blanket accusations about our warfighters based on isolated incidents is irresponsible.

The references to Clinton are simple. He was the last President and the left likes to claim that we had eight years of peace and prosperity under his tenure. Adam alluded to no major wars during that time. Fact is Clinton deployed the military on dozens of occasions. He struck Iraq several times with guided missiles and there were 130 strikes for violations of the no fly zone. There was Bosnia, Serbia, Sudan, and Afghanistan. All places where Clinton used military force. By the way, there were lots of civilian casualties during these strikes. The shame is, our men and women were put in harm’s way on several occasions to take America’s mind off the Presidents sexual woes. Adam states he was a teen at that time and did not pay close attention to politics. Be that as it may, he stated he would have voted for Clinton. This means he would just blindly vote for a democrat (he did not pay attention to politics) or he has researched the politics during his youth and made an informed decision as to Clinton’s worthiness. The fact that Adam says he would have voted for him makes the subject fair to address. There are a number of posts at his site praising Bubba. I did not say he made the posts, just that his site was full of praise for Clinton. As for prosperity. The economic numbers are about the same now as they were when Clinton was in office so things are not so different.

I did not make assumptions about Adam. I merely addressed what he wrote as did he about what I wrote. Adam sounds like a smart guy who, in my opinion, is misguided by his anger and bias. It is hard to take a guy seriously when he reveres people like Michael Moore (a lot of that there too). I know he apologized for the moron remark about Bush supporters. His anger is still evident in the way he refers to Noonan (crazy, lunatic). I wish this guy a lot of luck. He is a college student, probably near graduation. I would suggest he try to keep his feelings about Bush and dislike of the military (I believe he does not like the military by what I have read at his site) from clouding his judgment. BTW, I found his site interesting to say the least.

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