Lost Adam is Lost Again

I have been having this running battle with lostadam. It is interesting to read his posts. He seems like a nice guy but he can not see beyond the left’s talking points. He keeps saying he is not a liberal, he is progressive.

He also stated:
He wanted Kerry to win.
He believes that we need to pay taxes to fund social programs for people who do not have as much as others.
He believes in redistribution of wealth.
He wants us to pay more in taxes to fund college GRANT money, welfare, and universal health insurance.
He is even more happy about these given that he would benefit greatly from them.
He thinks the challenge to the electoral votes in Ohio was about election reform.

I don’t know about you but this sounds pretty liberal to me. It is not progressive. It is more like regressive than anything. Perhaps if he had a job paying him a great deal of money and 50% of it was coming out of the paycheck he might have a different opinion. Of course the lefties can’t quite get the idea that when you get something from the government someone else had to pay for it. I can’t imagine that anyone thinks this is a good idea but the left has built a whole subculture of people who live off the government at other people’s expense.

Perhaps everyone should take the time to read this story about Davy Crockett.

In my post on tryontheglasses I posted a list of congressmen who supported the challenge. I got the list from Adam’s site yesterday. He was kind enough to spiffy it up so I used it and I want to give him the credit he deserves for producing it.

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