Looks Like Trump Is On To Something

Before I start I do not support Donald Trump for president. I have not made up my mind as to whom I will support but I have eliminated some folks. Trump is on the list that I can’t support because of his anti-Second Amendment views.

But he does have some views that are receiving a lot of attention right now. His views on illegal immigration appear to be spot on and those views have caused the establishment politicians from both parties to come out with sabers drawn.

Trump is correct when he says that rapists and murderers are coming here. He would be absolutely correct to say that 100% of the people who come here illegally are criminals because they broke the law to get here.

The establishment can’t have any of this. This will put in jeopardy the voters liberals need and the cheap labor establishment Republicans want.

The reality is that our immigration system is broken and the last thing we need are policies that allow people to stay and encourage more to come. Illegal aliens are causing all kinds of problems here and deporting them does not seem to matter because they come right back. Without a nearly impenetrable wall they will continue to come back. They do not mind being arrested and sent home because they know they can come back.

Others just game the system by going to sanctuary cities where they know they will be protected.

FUN FACT: All of the Democrats running for the presidency support sanctuary cities.

A young woman taking pictures on a pier in San Francisco was murdered by an illegal who has a number of felony convictions and has been deported five times. This man was released by the local sheriff because of the sanctuary policies of San Francisco.

This senseless murder could have been prevented if the government did its job and if cities were not allowed to offer sanctuary. How the hell do they get to go against federal law like this when Arizona was slapped down for upholding federal law because it is not their job, it belongs to the feds?

An illegal in Texas who had been deported four times beat his wife to death with a hammer.

Why was he here?

The latest news involves an illegal who had been deported six times. He was the driver in a hit and run that injured two children and an adult. He admitted to being high on marijuana at the time.

This latest happened in Arizona. Perhaps if the federal government had not sued that state over its immigration laws (which mirrored federal laws) this illegal alien would not have been here to harm these three people.

Obama’s plan on immigration is working but only with respect to getting millions more Democrat voters into the country. In every other aspect it is failing the very people he is charged with protecting.

But to people like Obama it does not matter. He and his family have armed guards and his children go to private school that also has armed guards.

The incident in San Francisco happened in Nancy Pelosi’s neck of the woods. She could not care any less because it was not her daughter that was shot down.

It is time to get a handle on immigration and shut down the flow of illegals.

Trump does not have my support for president but he is correct on the issue of immigration and the Republican field would be wise to listen and learn.

Then again, given the recent history of Republicans begging us to elect them so they can carry out our wishes only to stab us in our collective backs it is quite possible the candidates will tell us what we want to hear with no intention of addressing the issue.

It is long past time for the states to ignore the federal government and conduct their own business by arresting and holding illegals (while not infringing on federal authority in the matter). It is an absolute must for states to ignore the feds on items that belong solely to the states.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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