Looks Like President Bush Is Bad For The Environment

For years we have heard all the stories about global warming and how the hole in the ozone layer is going to allow enough sun in to fry everybody. Despite evidence that shows the hole’s size varies, many of the environmentalists continue to tell us the hole is getting bigger and we are going to die (that is an inevitability anyway). Note to environmentalists. Ozone is created when oxygen molecules are super heated. Perhaps the change in the size of the hole has something to do with the proximity of the sun to the area, which of course, depends on the season.
We have all these dirt particles building up and blocking out the sun. The skies are dingy and it is hard to see. It is even worse now that George Bush is the President because he is in bed with all his oil buddies so they are making more nasty petroleum products and all the SUV owners are making it impossible for us to breathe. If only we had a President who could get this mess cleaned up.

But wait! A new report out shows that the air is cleaner and the sun more clearly visible. It would seem that the efforts of industrialized nations over the past ten years or so has made an impact and we are now able to see the sun more clearly while we breathe cleaner air. Of course there is a problem with all this. The environmentalists who were telling us that if we did not clean up we would have global warming are now saying that since it is clean more sunlight will get in and cause, you guessed it, global warming!

These people have to have a crisis with the environment so that they can continue to receive money to find ways to stop global warming. If they admitted that clean air is a good thing they would be out of a job. These folks want to have it both ways. There is global warming because of polluted air and there is global warming because of clean air. If that is the case then the hell with it. We will have global warming anyway so let’s stop spending all that money on research and on cleaning up and use it for something else that we can fix. These environmentalists sound like the democrats on Social Security. It is in trouble, no it is not, yes it is….

The left is fond of telling us that George Bush is responsible for 9/11 because it happened on his watch. They disregard any involvement of the last administration and tell us that George Bush is responsible for it. Well if that is the logic they want to use then it is safe to say that George Bush is solely responsible for the cleaner air. It does not matter what past administrations might have done, we found it cleaner on W’s watch so it is his baby. Wait a minute. Perhaps this explains why having clean air is a bad thing. They had to say that because the liberals never want to give a Republican credit for something good that happens in the environment. That would blow half of their platform away. Without the environment the libs would only have Social Security to lie about for votes. Oh wait, they might not have that one either.

It just is not looking good for them. If they keep losing on their core issues they might go the way of the saber toothed tiger.

Read the great environmental news here.

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7 Responses to “Looks Like President Bush Is Bad For The Environment”

  1. Adam says:

    First of all, global warming is happening already, no matter who gets the blame. Some Republicans are still fond of denying the visible effects though. They belong with those who deny the holocaust or believe the Earth is still flat. Bush’s clear skies initiative blocks more pollution now, but changes the scale so that head to head, the previous legislation would block more in the long run. It’s a big fat joke.

    Secondly, I don’t disregard involvement of the last administration, but I don’t stop there either. For some reason everything in the world is either Carter or Clinton’s fault to you. The truth is that every single president of last century is responsible for terrorism today because each of them waged wars for economic gain or for pressure in a certain region.

    Third, Clinton did plenty to get after bin Laden. You just won’t admit it because you are stuck on the idea that Clinton gutted the military and lobbed missiles to distract Americans. It’s some kind of tall tale that was probably made up to hide the fact that Bush and his whole team got caught unawares, despite memos warning them in advance.

    Fourth, there is no Social Security crisis. There is however a Medicare crisis. But too bad Bush’s biggest contributors are financial institutions. America sure would benefit from a bit of pressure on Bush by the medical industry, and I don’t mean pharmaceuticals.

  2. Big Dog says:

    The assertions you make here only show that you are unaware of the current situation and that you believe the talking points and liberl prattle wspoused in those “Unbiased” books you read.

    Clinton did not try to get OBL, ask the military aides who worked there and they will tell you what he did not do.

    The whole global warming idea is a mystery. If we pollute there is global warming. If we have clean air there is global warming. How many degrees has the temperature risen in the last 100 years? Less than .1 degree or so? At that rate we ought to melt about the time the Sun supernovas.

    Actually, I place little blame on most Presidents. They are only responsible for what they can directly influence. Like say, giving the order to launch against OBL. As for most of the rest, the Congress is the body that makes laws and votes. They can also override a veto so they are ultimately responsible.

    Just in case you were wondering, the democrats had the majority for a 40 year period before the country finally awakened.

  3. Adam says:

    Okay, here we go again. I say some things, and you call them talking points. I’m still confused on this issue. A talking point is a bad thing? Does it mean I should not use it as an argument? What about when you use talking points? Is that okay? Is that better somehow? Fill me in.

    As I tried to say before, almost no one questions global warming. They question the cause of it. You speak of a rise in global temperatures like it will take a 15-degree increase to really effect things. Small changes in temperature are believed to have a great effect on cloud patterns and wind patterns. What most people don’t know is that global warming doesn’t mean we are all going to burn up. That’s just some myth the Republicans cooked (pun intended) up to make the Democrats look dumb on the issue. For me it’s like saying we don’t know for sure that you’re the biggest source of littered garbage in your hometown, so you can just keep on littering until we find out otherwise. It doesn’t matter if we cause global warming or not, but we should take steps to slow the process.

    It is the lie of this century that Clinton did not try to get bin Laden. If you want to see a talking point, take a look at yourself. Clinton did plenty to try to capture bin Laden. The only thing he didn’t do was convince America that invading Iraq was part of that deal. We know that officials praised Clinton’s approach to bin Laden up until 9/11, when everyone started pointing fingers everywhere.

    The past dozen presidents had plenty to do with terrorism. The very policy of our presidents is the cause of terrorism. Who honestly believes terrorists just hate us for our freedom, or because of our lifestyle? Who thinks these people want to kill us because they are jealous? Only lunatics. These people hate us for our foreign policy. They don’t want American power, they want independence. The Middle East has been nothing but a chew toy for the US and Soviets since before the cold war. That leaves an effect on people. Now the people of the United States and the nations we attack are paying the price for our past actions. It’s as simple as that.

  4. Big Dog says:

    It is as simple as this. Clinton ignored OBL. That is what came fromn Berger and LTC Buzz Patterson who were there. There is absolutely no evidence that Clinton tried to get OBL.

    If we do not know what causes global warming how can we curb it?

    There is a lot of dispute in the science community as to whether global warming exists, if it is a natural occurance, and if we are the cause. There is also scientific arguments as to whether we can do anything about it. We do not know about it and to say that no one questions global warming is a misnomer because there are differing opinions depending on what scientist you talk to.

    It does not matter if the terrorists are mad at us for policy or not. We did not go into their countries at any time and kill them with the exception of Gulf I where we followed a UN resolution and helped Kuwait. The fact they did not like our policies does not give them any right to attack us. Besides the reasons OBL gave for attacking us had nothing to do with past policies. But be that as it may, they had no right to attack us and to minimize it or rationalize it shows contempt for us especially when you chastize us for Iraq. Once again we are the bad guys and OBL and his terrorists are the good guys.

    They should be happy the US exercised remarkable restraint after 9/11. We could have literally destroyed the entire Middle East and no one could have stopped it. The fact we did not shows just how careful we are with regard to the use of force.

    Here we go again. You make global claims with absolutes that are not true. Cite a source that says Clinton tried to get OBL. Quit defending the man for what he did not do. Just recognize it and move on. You have already called him a liar so just realize he did not do this either and move on.

  5. Surfside says:

    Let me just say that no one has been on this earth long enough to understand the cyclic nature of the earth’s warming and cooling. We don’t have documentation on the Ice Age or the age that gave birth to the dinosaurs. The warming we are experiencing could simply be a part of the earth’s cycle.

    Is pollution bad? Absolutely. But, during our volcanic era, toxic gasses and “pollutants” were also spewed into the air. Life rose out of this environment and continued to evolve and thrive. The earth has cleared more species all on her own than we mere humans. Makes one think, doesn’t it? Perhaps we are the next endangered species. It would probably serve us right.

    Sorry, I’m a bit cynical today.

  6. Adam says:

    “It does not matter if the terrorists are mad at us for policy or not. We did not go into their countries at any time and kill them with the exception of Gulf I where we followed a UN resolution and helped Kuwait.”

    No, we just used Afghans as bait in the cold war (go Carter), we used Iraqis to fight with Iran (go Reagan), and we gave aid to Israeli people (go everyone) to occupy Palestine. That’s not invasion, but it’s sooo much better.

    “Besides the reasons OBL gave for attacking us had nothing to do with past policies.”

    What are those reasons?

    “Once again we are the bad guys and OBL and his terrorists are the good guys.”

    I’m not saying these guys are good. I’m just saying we should be straight about the roots of terrorism against the United States. Don’t make up stories about freedom and democracy. Unless we plan on killing half the world, terrorism is only going to get worse until we admit to the problem. It’s just like alcoholism. You can’t get help until you admit to the problem.

    “They should be happy the US exercised remarkable restraint after 9/11. We could have literally destroyed the entire Middle East and no one could have stopped it. The fact we did not shows just how careful we are with regard to the use of force.”

    No, as bad as it sounds to war mongers like yourself, the US can’t just do what it wants in the world. We were not careful. We just don’t have that kind of power to take lives and keep friends in the world. And yes, we need friends, even France.

    “Quit defending the man for what he did not do. Just recognize it and move on.”

    No. Quit making up tales about Clinton because you hate him. Did anybody blame Bush for the first WTC attack? It happened a few weeks after Clinton took office. No, nobody blamed him. Clinton just took care of it, just like Bush took care of the 2nd attack. There is plenty to read about when it comes to Clinton and bin Laden. Only a fool would keep arguing he did nothing.

    All of this is just an excuse for not finding bin Laden now. Oh it’s not Bush’s fault he can’t capture big bad bin. Clinton should have blasted him when he had the chance! Doesn’t that idea ever get old?

  7. Surfside says:

    I find it interesting that you are blaming the US for all these terrorist-generating "events."  The Afghans whipped Russian butt during the Cold War — in case you missed that.  You won’t blame the French, Germans and Russians for arming Saddam against our troops, but you’re going to blame the US for arming him against Iran?  I think that’s a bit disengnious on your part — especially since all major conservatives now admit it was a mistake to arm Saddam against Iran.  Further more, it doesn’t really support your "terrorist enhancing" theory as they are both predominantly Muslim countries.  And, America did not unilaterally establish Israel.  It was an Allied-sponsored relocation program.  In truth, the Jewish people have just as much right to that land as the Palestinians that the Clintons loved so dearly.  Their heritage runs just as deeply.  Although we support them with arms and intelligence, we have never once gone to their aid militarily.  In fact, we have often asked them to scale back on their response — as in both Gulf Wars.  They complied with our requests. Yet, we don’t get any accolades for that.You are right that all Presidents have, and will, make mistakes.  But, we are certainly not the "Great Satan" these terrorists make us out to be.  We are just the biggest target.  Unlike most other countries of the past and present, the USA hasn’t attmpted to colonize the world.  The only people truly impacted by our country would be the American Indians.  We took their land and massacred them.  Of course, they were massacring our forefathers, too.The truth is more that the Islamic fundamentalists hate everything about our culture  — everything you, Adam, hold dear.  Democracy, free speech, sexual freedom, women voting, "immoral" movies and books — and the list goes on. Gay marriages would be more abhorrent to them than it is to our "religious right" of which you are so opposed. Sure, it doesn’t help that we support Israel.  But, that’s really not the deal killer — or terrorist generator.