Looks Like I Ticked Off Another Donk!

There is this organization that calls itself take back the media. I visited their leftist web site and they have this video called Army of One. I watched the video and I found it to be tasteless, false, and hurtful to America’s military. I sent an email to the entity that runs the site and this is what it said:

You should be ashamed of yourself. The video is full of lies. You libs really do hate America. If Bush is so bad to the troops why do about 80% support him and not Kerry? I’ll be glad on Nov 3 because you guys can crawl back in to your holes. Call Kerry’s buddy Saddam, he can tell you how to live in one.
Big Dog

Now I do not feel this is a bad email. I told them how I feel about their product and that anyone who would do this must live in a hole in the ground. I referred to Kerry’s buddy Saddam because this week he is a good guy as far as Kerry is concerned. If this was next week or last week it would be different but it is this week so it is what it is (conventional meaning of “is”, not the Bill Clinton meaning).

This is the email response I got back from info@takebackthemedia.com: Notice there is no name attached anywhere to this writing. Also, I cleaned it up a bit because the language was not suitable for everyone who uses the internet. Unlike Mike Hersh, I do not want to put people’s vulgarity on the net when that might not have been their intention.

I’m a veteran, go f**k yourself and move to another country that’s more to your
liking, like RUSSIA or KOREA where free speech is not an issue. Bush is a
fascist and so are his supporters.
wake up loser.

First of all I can not tell if this is a man or a woman. I will assume it is a man because if a woman talks like this her mother raised her wrong and she is no lady (another Traza Kerry). This guy who claims to be a veteran does not have the guts to identify himself. This is rather cowardly, don’t you think. Anyone who has read my bio and my posts know my take on the military and they also know that as a former First Sergeant some brown nose, wet behind the ears, greenhorn troop is not going to intimidate me with tough talk nor are they going to impress me by telling me they are a veteran. My advice, act like a professional because you represent your service. If you are going to cuss me out don’t tell the world you are a vet that way you only disgrace your mommy and daddy.

Perhaps one day this hero who hides behind the anonymous email will identify himself. Then we can actually admire the show of courage.

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