Look At Who Will Not Declare That We Will Win

Make no mistake about it, the Democratic party in the House does not want us to win the war on terror. They have continued to find ways to help the enemy and now they have demonstrated that they do not have the conviction to say we will win. Why? Because they themselves are losers. The title of the House Bill was:

Declaring that the United States will prevail in the Global War on Terror, the struggle to protect freedom from the terrorist adversary

Now I realize this is a symbolic Bill. A declaration is not binding by law and it would be impossible to enforce it even if it were a law. But 149 Democrats, 3 Republicans and the Independent (Democrat) 1, all voted NO (or nay as they say) to this declaration. How tough is it to declare we will win and we will protect freedom from our terrorist adversary?

Evidently, for 153 candy asses it was too tough. It was just too much for them to declare we will be victorious. This is what happens when you have a mentality that America is always the bad guy and that we deserve to lose.

The only people who deserve to lose are the people who voted against the declaration. The Democrats want you to believe they are tough on national security and that they are the ones who will keep us safe. Despite the fact that they are the ones who gave us the environment that fostered it and led to 9/11. By voting against protecting freedom from our adversaries they have basically told us they will roll over and take a loss, thereby giving up our freedom.

Interestingly, this was stated:

Democrats denounced the debate and vote as a politically motivated charade, and several prominent Democrats joined Pelosi in saying they would vote against the measure because, they said, supporting it would affirm Bush’s “failed policy” in Iraq.

Murtha, Kerry, Pelosi and others have all called for us to cut and run. Kerry introduced a bill setting up a time line and Murtha wants us out yesterday. Are these statements not politically motivated by the donks during an election year? I guess when they call for us to cut and run and you let them vote on it they suddenly call it politics. They have no courage of their convictions. When there are microphones they call for us to leave. When they get to vote on it they cry about it, though I have to admit they voted no which is a surprise given how they have voted in the past when they are forced to show courage.

Are these the kind of people we want in office?

Source: From the House Clerk
Source 2: Breitbart

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One Response to “Look At Who Will Not Declare That We Will Win”

  1. Bosun says:

    Every great society comes to an untimely end because of ineffective leadership and whackos. Rome was destroyed from within (along with crazy inbred rulers and moral declination). Guess we are going to be destroyed from within, too.

    Right now we are strong, resolute, and have a good President.

    But, when the donks get into power, and they will someday, I believe that will be the beginning of the end. Jack “anti-marine” Murtha, John “F” Kerry, Nancy “Botox” Pelosi, “Dingy” Harry Reid, “Slow Joe” Biden, “Turban” Durbin and the rest can mismanage how to use the military and undercut the war on terrorism. Ineffective “metro-males,” Dhimmis, and outright enemies of the state will continue to work against what America is all about. We got the 9th Circus Court, ACLU, and all the other politically correct entities working against, John Wayne, Mom, and apple pie already. They are chipping away at the fabric of our great country.

    Big Dog and the readership of this excellent weblog, we are in deep kimchee and do not realize it.