Long August Brings Out Best, And Worst, In America

August was a stressful month for members of Congress as they had to go home and face their constituents. They did not want to face them because a large number of them do not want government run health care and they do not want the government to completely overhaul the health care system. Most people want the problems with the system to be addressed while leaving those things that work, alone. Anti capitalists want the government to run the whole shebang and drive private insurance companies out of business.

Speaking of anti capitalist, and completely off topic, Michael Moore has a new movie out that is against capitalism. He claims that it is bad, causes people to be poor and is evil (and has members of the clergy agree with him). Isn’t it rather funny that this moron, who makes his fortune off capitalism, has a movie against it? Michael Moore owns stocks in companies (including Halliburton) and he invests his money in order to make more money. Yet, this slob (who really should have been aborted) is railing against capitalism. The real way to have lots of poverty is to attempt to redistribute people’s money. Socialism is fun until you run out of someone else’s money. al Reuters

Back to the health care debate. The town hall meetings were pretty contentious. Yes people raised their voices and some of them became extremely vocal but they were not violent and for the most part, were respectful (at least they were as respectful as the person deserved). I cannot blame some folks for getting pretty peeved because their Senator or Representative lied to them or tried to blow smoke in a dark place. Frank Kratovil’s office told me he had not made up his mind and a few days later he was out hawking the Obama plan. Obviously, his office lied.

As people became more vocal members of Congress became more reclusive. Many of them did not hold town hall meetings and some, including Harry Reid, held events that were by invitation only and that cost money to get in. As things heated up, Barack Obama mobilized his army of thugs in the unions and in his other groups and asked them to get in the game and bust a few heads. Then, union thugs began taking up many of the seats at town hall meetings. They began harassing those who disagreed with the health care overhaul. Obama’s jack booted thugs became physical and tried to intimidate the opposition, Chicago style.

People were threatened, people were beaten and there was a lot of bad behavior. This was perpetrated by the thugs Obama mobilized to “get in our faces.”

Then a funny thing happened. People started bringing guns to these events. This was done in accordance with the law and no one broke any law whatsoever when carrying a weapon despite the panic of those on the left and in the media (but I repeat myself). Chris Matthews lost the tingle in his leg and became upset that someone would carry a gun to this kind of event. One media outlet cropped a video and made and issue of white people carrying guns to events now that we have a black man in the White House, you know racist Republicans and all that. Turns out the guy with the gun was black and the video was doctored to deliberately deceive the public. Propaganda from the media wing of the Democratic Party.

While all these bed wetters were crying about guns being carried at events they ignored the Obama thugs who had beaten people for opposing health care overhaul. Kenneth Gladney is a black man who was so severely beaten by Obama’s thugs that he had to use a wheelchair for a while after the beating. Where was Matthews and the rest of the media decrying this beating? They were nowhere to be found because Obama’s thugs were doing the beating. You can bet that if it had been a liberal black guy beaten by conservative whites the news would have played it 24/7.

After this beating people began carrying guns and there were relatively few incidents. John Hawkins at Town Hall has an article up with the 7 most embarrassing town hall moments for the Democrats. One of the items he writes about is the Gladney beating:

A black man [Gladney] at a political rally was assaulted by white thugs who used racial epithets. The man was beaten so badly that he was forced to use a wheelchair and the response from liberals was…well, we’re actually still waiting for a response. The conservative response was to start bringing guns to the town hall meetings. Since then, for the most part, the unions have decided to behave themselves. It’s just more proof than an armed society is a polite society.

The conservative response was to bring guns. Notice how the Obama union thugs did not beat anyone else after conservatives started bringing guns. I know the liberal bed wetters were all upset about the guns and how horrible it was but the reality is that people have a right to protect themselves and if Obama is going to send his goons out then people need to have protection. It was Obama who said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun and in that light I say if they send union thugs, we take a gun.

Remember, there were no other incidents of union thugs beating people up after conservatives started carrying guns. The thugs think twice about bullying people if there is actually a chance that there will be resistance.

There was however, an incident where a man lost his finger. A man who is opposed to government run health care got into a fight with a man who supports it and the deranged lunatic bit off the man’s little finger. There is no telling if the perpetrator was a union thug because he ran away but all indications are that he was some half baked liberal in the crowd of Move On supporters who did not like the fact that a citizen opposed the sainted one’s health care plans. The lunatic violated the personal space of William Rice who says he felt threatened and popped the guy in the nose. The fight ensued and Rice lost a finger (which could not be reattached) and the coward ran away.

If Rice had a gun strapped to his side it is doubtful the lunatic would have harassed him.

September is here and on Tuesday the Congress reconvenes after its month long recess. The recess was anything but the peaceful vacation they expected to have as in years past. This time they (those who actually ventured out in public) got an earful from constituents who know that it is unconstitutional for the government to get involved in health care and who know that any involvement by the government will be a disaster.

Government run Social Security is nearly out of money. Government run Medicare and Medicaid are broke and spending more than they take in. Government run programs are always over budget and poorly run and there is no reason to believe that the government can run health care any better than private companies could if they were unencumbered by ridiculous regulations and mandates that drive up the cost of the plans they offer.

Health care needs to be fixed but not in the way the Democrats want to “fix” it. They want to control your lives and taking over health care is the best way for them to do it.

If they get control of health care we will need to carry guns to the doctor in order to get properly treated…

Of course, gun control is also on their list. Though I think they should try union control instead.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Long August Brings Out Best, And Worst, In America”

  1. Blake says:

    I always fail to see how Hussein can even say with a straight face how he will get 500 million out of Medicare, in terms of waste, without completely bankrupting that program.
    It is impossible.
    My vote on the best in America- the Town Halls.
    The worst in America- the Reps who were too cowardly to have a Town Hall.