Local Hypocrisy

Today is Mrs. Dog’s birthday and last evening we went to a bull roast. At another table was a group of sheriff’s deputies and they were drinking a lot of beer. There did not appear to be a person drinking non-alcoholic beverages. The event went until 0030 and then everyone left. Those fellows got in vehicles and drove home, as did many of the others in attendance. As many of you know, the Dog does not drink so I was the designated driver in our vehicle.

Why do I bring this up? One of those deputies has been recognized on a number of occasions by different insurance groups for the number of DWIs that he writes. He has been recognized for arresting people who were doing nothing more than people in his group. I can not say he drove home because I did not see him get in a vehicle. I can say there were no cabs, limos or rented vans there so someone had to drive them home.

It is beyond me how people can sleep at night when they break the very laws they hold the rest of us accountable to. I only point this out because of the obvious hypocrisy that was demonstrated. I will be looking this year to see if any of those stellar performers received awards for DWI arrests. I do not condone drinking and driving though I know it happens. I only know that having a badge does not give immunity from an alcohol involved traffic accident and innocent people still die regardless of who the driver happens to be.

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2 Responses to “Local Hypocrisy”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    I agree with you, my husband and I have seen this kind of thing twice.
    Happy Birthday to Mrs. Big Dog.

  2. Jo's Cafe says:

    Sunday Specials…