Little Taxes; Death By A Thousand Cuts

Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to be president and his rhetoric of promising everyone everything (to the tune of 18 TRILLION dollars) is hitting home with the “me” generation and the Gimmiedats.

They all like Bernie’s idea of taxing the rich more to pay for the millennial’s needs. Why yes, tax those greedy rich suckers and give us more stuff.

There is no way to tax the rich and pay for what Bernie wants to give away (notice he is very generous with OTHER people’s money). If Bernie could confiscate 100% of the money the wealthy have (even up to about the top 40% of those considered wealthy, not just the 1%) it would not be enough money to run the government for more than a few months. After that the well would be dry and there would need to be new sources of cash to feed the left’s insatiable appetite.

But Bernie wants to give stuff away. He wants a paid family leave program where people could have time off and get paid. His example is for a woman who gives birth. Bernie thinks she should get paid time off and of course everyone else pays for that.

You see, he wants to add just a little to the payroll tax to finance his paid time off plan. It is just a little bit he says but he also says it will affect all workers. To the socialist all must pay in to help the others.

So now the young “me” generation will have to foot the bill for people to have time off.

Many of them might think that is Ok but what happens when the little bit taken is not enough to pay for the program? Then the little bit more in taxes becomes a whole lot more in taxes. We already know that no government program ever dies so getting rid of it will be out of the question. No, we just need a little bit more on top of the little bit we take already.

Pretty soon all the little bits add up to a whole lot. It ends up being death by a thousand cuts.

And more people end up barely making ends meet while their hard earned cash goes to care for people who took life decisions that did not involve them.

Most millennials are not very bright and they will complain about the taxes and then vote for the next liberal/progressive/socialist who promises more free stuff.

These youngsters just can figure out that nothing is free. Someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

And it will end up being them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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