Little by Little the Muzzies are Taking Over

There is an expression about not allowing a camel to get its nose under the tent and it means that once you let that little bit happen it will be impossible to stop the entire camel from getting in and causing problems. Such is the case with ILLEGAL immigration in the United States. A little at a time ILLEGALS sneak in and every once in a while our government gives them amnesty (which is always the very last time it will be needed) and before long we are overwhelmed because the camel got its nose under the tent.

The very same thing is true with regard to Muslims and their desire to impose Islam on the rest of the world. They are slowly wearing down our culture bit by bit so that they can expand the scope of their violent religion. The Muzzies have sued airlines and their passengers because those people had the sense to report suspicious behavior and every day some Muzzie is complaining, led by the terrorists at CAIR, about some perceived injustice. Each day this complaining erodes the fabric of our society as we acquiesce to the demands of those who desire to dominate the world.

In the UK doctors (as well as other staff) will no longer be allowed to eat at their desks because this might offend Muslim workers, especially during the upcoming holiday of Ramadan. Muzzies might get upset if people eat at their desks or if there is food in the open so all vending machines will be removed to prevent the Muzzies from being insulted. Screw the rest of the people who work there. It does not matter if they are insulted just so long as the Muzzies are not put out or inconvenienced in any way. I dare say that these very institutions would not likely make such concessions to Jews or Christians in the name of their religion. Imagine if a Christian gave up some food item for Lent and then demanded that the particular food not be allowed in sight anywhere (like say in a vending machine).

I realize that this is taking place in the UK and it is disturbing to see that once great country bowing to the people who would just as soon kill them but I wonder just how long it will be before institutions in America follow suit. We already have people being beaten into submission with threats of lawsuits so this might just be around the corner.

I don’t know how people there are handling this but I would organize a sick-out of non-Muzzie employees in protest and then I would put candy dishes full of all kinds of stuff on my desk. I would eat at my desk when I felt like it and any Muzzie who did not like it could stay out of my office. Ogre had an idea of cooking BBQ ribs on a hot plate and letting the smell permeate with the obligatory sauce dripped on the shirt.

A ham sandwich every day should be just enough to offend the worshipers of that pedophile (false) prophet but I like the ribs idea.

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3 Responses to “Little by Little the Muzzies are Taking Over”

  1. The story is unbelievable. But such appeasement of those sworn to our destruction is happening.

    It’s not going to take horrific attacks to bring down the West. We’ve been subverted from within, and dhimmitude also proceeds apace.

    How long before all women in public will have to don a hijab during Ramadan–whether these women are muslimas or not–to keep the Muslims placated?

  2. bj1 says:

    Big Dog, This is already happening here in the United States.. I would like to see everyone of them sent back home. I dont want them here. bj1

  3. irtexas44 says:

    The Saudis are not letting any christian articals including the bible in their country.

    Here people have been fired because they wouldn’t remove the cross or Star of David or other items they were wearing because the muslims didn’t like them it was offensive. Well I think I am going to wear a cross, Star of David and anything else I can find and put it around my neck or hang from my ears. I may even put a pork chop on a chain and wear that too. I will also have my dog with me and carry a flask.

    I have had muslim friends for years and they are just as fed up with these jerks as everyone else. Just like when the judge let the killer walk in Maryland a couple of weeks ago. My friends were outraged. At least 10 of them live in the area and were never contacted to be a translater and they are all registered.

    I think at least 2/3’s of the judges should be expelled. They don’t seem to be able to make correct judgements anymore. If they ever did and we just didn’t know it.