Listen to the Generals

The debate rages about the war in Iraq with Democrats hell bent to appease their anti war base before the next election. Victory in Iraq is not a concern for them as long as they obtain victory at the ballot box. When the war first started many of those now opposed voted to go to war but have changed their minds based upon the fear they will lose their jobs if they do not do something to bring the troops home.

Early on the Democrats accused President Bush of not listening to his leaders on the ground when they said they needed more troops. When the President sent more troops as the commanders requested, the Democrats went nuts. Now we have members of Congress from both sides of the aisle saying that the surge is not working and that we need to bring our troops home. These assessments run contrary to what the commanders on the ground are saying but the anti war, bring them home crown is not listening.

MG Rick Lynch, the commander of the Third ID, stated that he surge of troops was working and that he needs until spring to flush out all the bad guys and bring enough Iraqi soldiers in to secure his area of responsibility. The problem, he says, is there are not enough trained Iraqis and as soon as there are enough, they will be able to handle things on their own. He also stated that the Iraqi people have been helping find the bad guys. These people are tired of the brutality the terrorists are inflicting upon them and they recognize Americans as the good guys in the fight.

This is one of the commanders on the ground. Why is our Congress not listening to him and others? Why do people who have little exposure outside of DC insist on telling us what is going on in Iraq while they ignore the words of those who are there? Why are politicians more concerned with keeping their jobs than ensuring America wins this war? Why do they want us to lose?

We need to listen to the troops and ignore the bloviating idiots that infest the halls of Congress. We need to get behind our men and women in battle and make sure they have everything they need to win, including our support. This is the problem with those who oppose the war (including those who voted for it and now say they were fooled). They tell us they support the troops and they say they can do so while opposing “George Bush’s” war. They tell us they will provide our troops with everything they need but they constantly fail to provide support. In the case of Obama and Clinton, they do not support at all because they vote against spending packages that provide our troops with the things they need to win. These people do not deserve to be President.

It is high time every American got behind our troops and supported them 100%. If you want to pull your support from something then stop supporting members of Congress.

Vote against incumbents in the next election (including those in office running for President).

Big Dog


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9 Responses to “Listen to the Generals”

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  2. Patsy says:

    Spot on, again, Big Dog. What is also unbelievable is that the interim report just issued stated that the Iraqi Army battalions able to function independently had dropped. Oh course the MSM has been reporting this piece of information ad nauseum, alluding to it as proof Iraqis aren’t willing to defend themselves.

    What the MSM is leaving out of their reporting is the fact that the reason the number of Iraqi Army battalions able to fight independently had dropped is because they’ve been “because they have been decimated in both men and materials by valiant combat with al-Qaeda and Shiite militias.”

    Which means the Iraqis have been fighting and dying for their own cause, their own country, their own freedom. They are risking it all. Why isn’t this being reported? This is incredibly good news and completely counter to what we are being told by the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the MSM.

    I don’t think the Democrats care about winning the War in Iraq. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say this: they are counting on our losing it so they can take political advantage of our loss. And the Iraqi people, American security and that of our allies, be damned. It’s dwonright disgusting.

    I still don’t understand why some of the more flagrant politicians who make such treasonous speeches aren’t held accountable for it. At the very least, why aren’t they disciplined within Congress? And what about the Justice Department, why aren’t they pursuing them? I don’t understand any of it.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Amazingly, he Iraqis are fighting harder for their country than some here are fighting for ours…

  4. Patsy says:

    Sad, but true. And there are those who are fighting for us to lose this war. The Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, for instance. Disgusting.

  5. Big Dog says:

    They should have to be in Iraq and work with a unit in combat before they can open their yaps.

  6. Patsy says:

    You got that right, Big Dog. Better yet, have them defend an Iraqi village against invading AQI, see who they feel about them after their witnessing massacres and baked children luncheons and forced parental-witnessed beheadings of their children. Let them tell us then that we don’t need to fight this war and that al Qaeda will just fade into the landscape if we withdraw. The cowards.

  7. Steve Dennis says:

    Well said, Big Dog. The fact is that the Democrats are afraid to hear what the general has to say in September because there is a chance it will be incouraging. They need to end the war before any chance that good news will come out. They are more interested in winning in November ’08 than winning the war on terror.

  8. Billy Joe says:

    I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t start listening to the troops instead.

    Did you see that anti-Iraq war candidate Ron Paul raised more money from the military than all of the other Republican candidates COMBINED? You can read about it at my blog.

    I look forward to your post blasting the troops for being defeatist. I know you won’t hold back!

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