Like Birds Of A Feather

Not long ago Surfside reported on the WMD conundrum. You know, they are worried WMD are missing but can’t say so without acknowledging that the WMD existed in the first place. She also pointed out that the MSM could not bring itself to actually mention WMD thus exposing the true agenda.

Looks like MSNBC is pretty much in the same boat. I was looking at the MSN web site and noticed that one of the Headlines read “Quran Abuse Downplayed.” Well, when one reads something like this the impression is that the military is downplaying the abuses of the Quran. When one actually reads the story the message is quite different. The story reports that allegations of Quran abuse were sparse and only a few were credible. While the MSM tries to make the abuses look bad, to cover their Newsweek brethren, the truth is that there was very little action in the way of Quran abuse. In fact, one person was fired and several soldiers received reprimands. The only person who flushed a Quran down a toilet was one of the terrorists and the report of a soldier urinating on the Quran was misleading. The soldier was urinating outside and the wind blew the urine into an air vent. The urine landed on the Quran and the terrorist in the cell. I don’t think the troop should have been relieving himself that close to the building but it is obvious that he did not intend to urinate on the Quran of the terrorist.

The cold reality is that MSNBC has a misleading headline. They know that more people will read that headline and not the story then will actually do both. In the court of public opinion MSNBC is manipulating the news to push its own agenda. Perhaps “Quran Abuse Sparse, Thoroughly Investigated” would have been better. It is the truth and does not show the military unfavorably. Oh yeah, that is not what MSNBC wants.

Read this story and you decide if it conveys “Quran Abuses Downplayed.”

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