Lights, Camera, Action

Well folks, about an hour and a half to go before the first presidential debate. Seems the donks over at the DNC have already started making trouble about the timer lights on Kerry’s lectern. I think they are playing games to take attention away from their weak positions.
John Kerry was complimenting the president today on what a good debater he is. This is to take some of the sting out should he, Kerry, get waxed. If he does well he can say he slayed the mighty George Bush.
Keep your eyes and ears open because the donks will do anything tonight. It is fourth and long and they are about to throw a Hail Mary pass.
Take a look at There is an interesting post about emails from the DNC asking Kerry supporters to bombard media outlets within 10 minutes of the end of the debate to tell them how well their man did. I think we can hold our own but was amazed at the blatant lies that the email contained. They are still harping on how horrible Florida was and how we stole the election in 2000.
Please, please, please. Get all republicans you know and all Bush supporters regardless of affiliation out to the polls. The only way we will have a chance to get them to shut their pie holes is to win and win BIG. I know they will cry foul no matter what but if we win real big it makes their argument moot!
Let’s make sure we get the Bush supporters to the polls!

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