Life is Tough for Whining Democrats

Back when the Republicans held the majority the Democrats used every tactic in th book to keep legislation from making it through the process. They threatened to filibuster so much that a phony gang of 14 worked out a compromise which the Democrats broke before the ink was dry on the paper. Now that they are in the majority they are crying because Republicans use the same tactics.

Harry Reid was whining today about how hard his fellow Dems are trying to get things done but that the Republicans are blocking everything and he had the audacity to say they are doing it for political gain. As if the Democrats were doing it for some other reason?

Republicans have been blocking Democratic efforts to raise taxes, something Democrats love to do. Harry Reid does not like this and thinks that it is wrong. I guess it all depends upon whose ox is being gored.

The Democrats will use this whining as a rally cry in the next election. They will say that they need even more Democrats so that their initiatives cannot be blocked. They will claim that if they only had more people they could do the work for the children and they could raise taxes on the rich bastards who are ruining this country.

I say that they are inept. They said that the republican led Congress was ineffective and that they could not get things done and promised they would. That got them elected and now they are unable to fulfill their promises. So, if Republicans needed to be replaced because they could not get things done then the Democrats, likewise, need to be replaced.

Like I posted before, we need to get rid of ALL of them and replace them with new people who will work for the people and not the special interests.

Someone get Reid a crying towel….

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