Lies of the DNC

I got an email from the DNC. The title is “A Hard Sell For Bush Tonight.” The email tells me, a loyal supporter (hee hee) that tonight President Bush will have a hard time pushing his lies on us, the unsuspecting populace. Of course, there is the typical rant about Bush dismantling Social Security. The DNC message tells me:

President Bush will use hard-sell tactics to try to build public support for his radical plan to privatize Social Security. He will try to create a sense of crisis — even though Social Security is secure for decades to come. And he will disguise the risks involved in his dangerous plan to make Social Security a stock market gamble.

Interesting, is it not? The Social Security program that the dems said was falling apart as recently as the last election cycle is now solvent. It will last for decades to come. This despite earlier donk claims that it would go bankrupt without them at the helm to steer us through the muddy waters. And how about the terrible idea of letting us invest our own money? This will be a gamble. Not like, say, letting politicians control it so they can put their hands in the till whenever they want to borrow a little to pay the bills. They never pay it back but details, details.

The donks also have two interesting phrases in the missive. They are:

The President may be using hard-sell tactics. But the truth is….
Standing in sharp contrast to Republican doublespeak on this issue is the clarity and strength of conviction of Democratic Senators…

I have a problem with this and maybe since they think I am one of their mindless followers I would not notice. Anytime a democrat uses the phrase “the truth is…” watch out. They have no idea what the truth is. It is foreign to them. The truth, to them, is what they want you to believe at the time. Like Social Security is solvent or in trouble or whatever. They learned that flippy thing from John Kerry (who by the way did it again on TV last Sunday).

The other problem is when they say the “clarity and strenth of conviction…” about a democrat. The democrats are as clear as Mississippi mud and the only convictions they worry about are the ones that will land them in jail. Say like, for drowning a girl in an accident or getting gratification in the Oral Office. They are spineless jellyfish and they lead a bunch of mind numbed, eye glazed ding a lings who believe what they are told.

The last thing they tell me is:

Democrats are standing tall on Social Security. Stand with them right now. Support the Democratic Party’s Campaign to Save Social Security. As long as we keep speaking out and acting on our convictions, Bush can never win

The donks standing tall on Social Security is ridiculous. They (elected officials) have their own retirement system and do not rely on SS so they really do not care. This is a political move designed to scare Americans, just like when they said SS was failing. And as far as Bush can never win. I believe they said that in 2000 and again in 2004. You would think that once in a while they would like to be right.

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