Lieberman And Cop Socker Out

Joe Lieberman conceded the Senate primary race to Ned Lamont and vowed to run as an Independent. That race he will probably win. Cynthia Cop Socker McKinney is well on her way to losing and Access North GA is reporting that she has in fact lost, though there has been no concession.

What a shame that Cop Socker is out. I was actually conflicted on this one. I can’t stand her and wanted her to lose because she hit that cop and she is a race baiting poverty pimp(ette). But I would not have been too terribly upset if she had won because she is the kind of wacko moonbat that makes the right look even better. Since the Grand Jury would not punish her, the voters did.

I believe that Lieberman will win the race and will stay an Independent but vote like a Democrat. If he wins it would be great to see him change to Republican just to screw the left for all their wonderful support. However, that will likely not happen.

Mid Blog Update: Fox News is reporting that Cop Socker has lost the race (ha ha).

I would like to see the Republicans win the general elections in November but that is not going to happen in these areas so we might as well have different donks…..

What a great day on the way left. The Kos Kids are probably masturbating in front of their TVs and drinking extra kool-aid. It will be short lived.

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