Deception Gives Obama Bad Rap

Barack Obama just could not wait to weigh in on the Don Imus issue and in doing do he knocked gangsta rap saying that the genre of music is degrading to women. He compared gangsta rappers to Don Imus and his misguided statement about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. I personally believe that what Imus said is like a Sunday Church prayer compared to what rappers say but that is just me. That kind of thinking gets me labeled as a white guy defending another white guy for talking bad about mostly black women. In reality, I think what Imus said was stupid but that he should not have lost his job, it was none of Sharpton’s business, and the only people Imus owed an apology to were the women on the Rutgers team. Getting back on track though, it would seem at first glance that Obama is at least taking up the issue of the language and persona of gangsta rap though the cynic in me would say that it is certainly an opportune time considering this has been a problem for years. I still don’t hear any of them calling for boycotts against gangsta rappers.

Obama though, is pulling the wool over every one’s eyes. He is saying all the right things and he is using the Imus situation to get some face time and press in the news but his actions speak louder than his words and Obama’s actions tell a very different story. You see, for a guy who thinks that gangsta rap mistreats women and for a guy who says he is guided by God, he has done a very strange thing. Sometime back in the infancy of his campaign, Obama enlisted the services of a gangsta rapper named Ludacris in order to help Obama connect with the young rap crowd. Here is a guy who uses the Imus situation to blast gangsta rap and he has used a gangsta rapper in order to get his message out to the kids.

I guess what Obama is telling us is, I think gangsta rappers send the wrong message about women but I am going to use them and their message to get my message out. It seems to me that Obama is sending the wrong message himself. Obama met with Ludacris to discuss the rapper’s work in charities dealing with AIDS and how to connect with today’s youth. Most of these artists have really nice charities so people think they are wonderful when all the while they are recording music that calls women hos, bitches and many other names as well as encourages violence against women and the police. Ludacris has a song titled “Ho” and here are a few of the lyrics. Tell me how Imus was the bad guy here and tell me where that jackass Sharpton is on this one:

Hooooooooo (Ho)
Youza Hoooooo (Ho)
Youza Hoooooo (Ho)
I said that youza hooooo (Ho)
(Repeat 1x)

You doin ho activities
With ho tendencies
Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies
With ho energy to do whacha do
Blew whacha blew
Screw whacha screw
Yall professional like DJ Clue, pullin on my coat tail
an why do you think you take a ho to a hotel?
Hotel everybody, even the mayor
Reach up in tha sky for tha hozone laya
Come on playa once a ho always
And hos never close they open like hallways
An heres a ho cake for you whole ho crew
an everybody wants some cuz hoes gotta eat too Lyrics007

This is the music from the rapper that Obama met with to discuss young people. This is the music that Obama now says is terrible and degrading to women. Just to be clear, I agree with him on that point and if he did not use Ludacris as an ad-hoc youth advisor I might actually respect his stance (though I would still question why he never said a word about this until the Imus debacle).

It seems to me that when we were deciding on war in Iraq the blood for oil crowd made noise and said that Bush had secret meetings with oil executives. When gas prices were up last year the Democrats blamed Bush and said it was because he and Cheney were big oil men. How can we trust them to look out for your interests when they have the interests of oil at heart. To this day jackasses make this connection and swear that Bush is for the oil and that is why we can not trust him to make the right decisions and the MSM does not waste time in getting any hint of this to press or on the air. Why then, is there no mention of the Ludacris connection for Obama? Seems to me that this kind of contradiction would warrant further review. It seems to me that Obama would have to know that people would make this connection or is he confident in his newly found star status that he feels he can weather any potential storm? Maybe he thinks the MSM will ignore it, a thought I would have to agree with.

I think that this is no different than swearing to end organized crime but consulting with mob bosses. This stupidity is very similar to the boner Al Gore pulled on everyone when he made one of his National Convention speeches during his term as VP. He was crying as he told everyone about his sister who died of lung cancer. He told everyone, in his emotional chocked up voice, that his sister pulled him close and said Al, take the tobacco from the kids. Don’t let them smoke Al. She died not long after. All in all this sounds very passionate and heartfelt and worthy. That is until you know that Al Gore’s family made its fortune by growing tobacco. Yes, Gore’s family grew the poison that killed his sister. This is like the crack dealer giving crack to his sister and then crying to get crack off the streets after she dies. Amazing.

Obama should have some explaining to do. He should have to explain how it is he has suddenly had this epiphany about rap music and he should have to explain why he opposes rap while consulting with a vulgar rap artist.

He should have to, but as a Democrat he probably won’t.

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3 Responses to “Deception Gives Obama Bad Rap”

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  2. Obama proves himself a vote-pandering politician and not a statesman. He’s saying one thing and doing another.

    Excellent post, Big Dog!

  3. Mustang says:

    The problem with any explanation Obama might offer is that it would only make sense in context with his desire to be an American president . . . no doubt followed with fifteen choruses of “what I meant to say is . . .”

    Obama is not ready for prime time politics, although if he is elected I may decide to put on a turban and apply for a position in the State Department.