Liberals Read While Conservatives Work to Support Them

Extreme liberal and former member of Congress Pat Schroeder responded to a poll that indicated those who consider themselves liberal read more books than those who consider themselves conservative. I can not comment on that poll because I do not know anything about the methodology or how scientific the study was. I can say that I read a great number of books every year as does my wife and neither of us are liberal. Schroeder though, chimed in that the reason for this is that people like Karl Rove have made conservatives only live for slogans and that slogans do not make great books. To a liberal lies make great books, witness Clinton’s thriller (that had to be read by three lawyers to ensure he did not perjure himself).

I will accept, for the sake of argument, that liberals read more than conservatives and I will tell you why. Liberals are busy sitting on their asses collecting government checks from taxpayer money paid in by conservatives. Liberals believe in living off other people so they sit at home complaining that their gubmint check did not get there fast enough and they read books (no doubt purchased with welfare money or signed out from a taxpayer funded library).

The liberals need to read all the self help books that tell them how to help themselves to taxpayer money. They also have to have something to do while they are sitting in abortion clinics waiting their turn to murder a kid. The line at the welfare office is long so they read books there to pass the time before they go get liquored up at the local pub, courtesy of the taxpayer.

That, Ms. Schroeder, is why liberals read more. They don’t have jobs because jackasses like you have taught them that the nanny government will take care of them.

Here is a slogan for you though, Pat old girl:
If pro is the opposite of con, what is the opposite of progress?

I would be interested in how they actually determined this…


Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Liberals Read While Conservatives Work to Support Them”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    I didn’t know that “See Spot Run” was still that high on the “must read list”. I’ll have to take another look at that list.

  2. A recent story about President Bush and Karl Rove indicated they both read an average of about 1 book every three days. Considering what a typical day’s schedule for either might be, it reaffirms the advice that if you want something done, give the job to someone who is busy as they are more likely to get it done than someone who is not.
    Two of the most high profile conservatives are reading about 10 books per month.

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