Liberals Must Not Have Carbon Footprints

Liberals are always screaming about global warming and they are sure to tell us that there is a consensus of scientists who say it is a major problem. Of course the planet warms and cools all the time but these folks are talking about man made global warming due to carbon production.

These folks neglect to tell us that many of the scientists on their list of those in agreement are not climate scientists and they also neglect to report that of those climate scientists who do agree many receive taxpayer money to do research on global warming.

Liberals want us to change our lifestyles by driving fuel efficient or electric automobiles, by moving to alternative fuel sources and by changing how we do things so that we do not produce carbon.

Of course while they expect us to radically change our lives for an unproven theory (one designed to extort more money from us) they have no intention of living the way they want us to.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech today outlining her plan to address global warming and after she left she got on a private jet that burns hundreds of gallons of fuel an hour and has a huge carbon footprint.

Clinton wants people to believe she is just like them. She was, after all, broke when they left the White House. She thinks people are idiots (and she is right when it comes to those who support her or liberal policies). She is nothing like the rest of us. While we are working hard to make ends meet she is jetting around on private airplanes that leave tons of carbon in the air. She does this while screaming about global warming caused (in the minds of liberals) by excessive carbon.

The sad part is that Hillary is not alone. Nearly every liberal who screams about global warming jets around in private planes and is transported by limousines that are often left idling so they stay cool or warm.

We can’t have liberals being uncomfortable, now can we?

Hillary says one thing and does another.

It is obvious she was born with a silver foot in her mouth…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Liberals Must Not Have Carbon Footprints”

  1. Blake says:

    Hypocrisy was not invented by the “progressives”, just perfected by them- the problem, is that in that hypocritical moment, they are, unfortunately for them, clearly transparent in their lies.
    Only the other low- intelligence voters (other liberals), believe them, because they do not want to look behind the curtain.

  2. Barbara says:

    Yep, as usual Big Dog , you are so correct again.