Liberals In A Huff-ington

The Huffington blog puts out a daily brief which is nothing more than liberal talking points designed to let all the kool-aid drinkers know the anti-American thoughts of the day. In addition to being stupid, the thoughts are wrong and deliberately misleading. Here is something from today:

Although Democratic proposals for troop withdrawal from Iraq were defeated in the Senate last week, a poll conducted by USA Today and Gallup over the weekend shows a majority of Americans support the Democrats’ ideas, and half of Americans think US troops should leave Iraq within twelve months.

When one reads this it leaves the impression that the donks have these great ideas about leaving Iraq and those ideas were defeated and of course the unwritten words are “by those nasty Republicans.” Why did this writer not inform everyone by continuing the sentence to read “…when it was voted against by all BUT a few people.” This would let America know that the Democrats do not even believe in their plans because nearly every one of them voted against them. Liberals do not have the courage of their convictions and they show it every time they make these grandiose statements about cutting and running and then are forced to vote on them. They usually slink away and do not vote for the items they say they are for when they get in front of cameras.

Liberals are really pathetic.

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