Liberals Exploit Death

Liberalism is a culture of death as evidenced by their obsession with murdering unborn children and the way they dance on the graves of people gunned down by their mentally deficient followers (but I repeat myself).

Joe Biden is no different and he has even gone so far as to exploit the death of his own son.

Before I go any further let me state that I was saddened to hear of the death of his son and kept his family in my prayers. No parent should ever have to bury a child and I pray I never have to experience that horror.

Having typed that I must discuss the story in Politico about Joe Biden and his story of how his dying son told his father he had to run for the presidency. Those were, according to Joe, among his son’s dying words.

I was not there so I don’t know if his son made that statement but if he did it is something Joe should keep to himself. If he decides to run then he can do so with the memory of his son’s words as a motivation. If elected he could then, probably in his inauguration speech, talk about it and tell folks he did it for his so (though truthfully, that is NOT a reason to run). That right there would be a great story.

But Joe is a calculating politician and he sees death as an opportunity.

He uses the deaths of people from nuts using firearms illegally to push for tougher gun control. Death exploitation is the liberal mantra except of course when the deaths are the result of government corruption and as is the case with Benghazi.

In any event Joe is using the death of his son in a calculated fashion to gain sympathy and support for a presidential run.

He talked to Maureen Dowd and disclosed his son’s alleged dying words in order to stir up interest and support for him to run. He did it so that people would call him and encourage him to run. He did it so that the money people would be inclined to donate to him.

He is using his son’s death in the same fashion the deaths of anyone in a mass shooting is used, to push an agenda.

This discounts the deaths of people shot by illegal guns used by people not legally allowed to use them in liberal cities like Chicago and Baltimore. Liberals never mention those because then the spotlight would focus on who runs those places where strict gun control is already in place.

I feel bad for the Biden family and the loss of their loved one. It is a tough thing to have to go through but I will not let their sorrow be used to manipulate me.

Unfortunately there are far too many people who will allow the story to manipulate them into supporting a man who is borderline senile and is well past his time for service.

Biden reminds me of Al Gore when he was crying about tobacco and he told us his sister (a tobacco user who was dying from its effects – lung cancer) pleaded with him on her death bed for Al to get rid of the tobacco.

The Gores farmed tobacco and six years after his sister’s death Al was still accepting contributions from tobacco companies.

Liberals exploit death to accomplish a political agenda.

Obama does it, Gore did it and Joe Biden is doing it.

Biden is banking on getting in the White House on the back of his dead son…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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