Liberals Do Not Understand Terrorism

The liberals are all geared up for the upcoming elections. To be sure they will discuss Plame, Katrina, and Iraq. These are losing propositions for them but they look at them as defining moments. Plame is a non issue because no one was indicted for “outing” her, Katrina was a failure of state and local government both of which are controlled by Democrats, and the war on Terror in Iraq is a necessary evil, even with the setbacks.

I have read liberal blogs and some of the liberals have been kind enough to leave comments here at my site. I see a continual theme about terrorism and the war in Iraq. They constantly say there are more terrorists than when we started and that the war has only incited the Muslims allowing them to sign up more radicals for the cause. This might be true with regard to the younger members but there are really no more terrorists than there always were, we can just see them now because they are coming out in the open. If anything incites Islamofascists to become terrorists it is the perception that the enemy is weak. Look at how Hezbollah has used that perception to claim victory throughout the Muslim world. There will be more violence as a result of that perception of weakness.

There has been terrorism and acts of terror against this country for a long time. A lot of it on the watch of Democratic Presidents and yet we never hear the claims that they knew about or assisted in the attacks. We have never heard anyone claim that Bill Clinton had anything to do with the first attack on the WTC. The problem with liberals is they fail to recognize the threat as it exists and they fail to understand the appropriate course of action. To them, terrorism is an offense that requires criminal investigation and acts by law enforcement. Their idea of meeting the enemy is to appease the enemy or to cut and run. The fact that we did not stay in Somalia and exact revenge on the people who killed our soldiers is what emboldened Osama bin Laden. We cut and ran and he said it made us cowards.

The various acts of terror over the years have been handled quite differently. Carter crawled up in a fetal position while Americans were held captive in Iran. The failed rescue attempt showed an unprepared military demoralized by the reactions of the left to our efforts in Vietnam. Reagan bombed Libya for its terrorist acts and we never heard another word from Qadaffy. The enemy likes it when Democrats are in office because they get away with more. It is no coincidence that Iran released our hostages when Reagan took the oath of office. Iran knew there was a new sheriff in town.

Clinton ignored acts of terror or treated them like ordinary crimes. His responses to the Khobar Tower bombings, the first WTC, and the USS Cole garnered little more than a Cruise missile launched into some barren area of the desert. When 18 Soldiers were killed in Somalia Clinton pulled all our troops out (pulling out is what he does best) and that allowed the enemy to become emboldened. They saw us as a paper tiger that would cut and run when we had a few people killed. Clinton gave us 9/11.

The war in Iraq has had setbacks but has been largely successful. People can comment on the Mission Accomplished banner, one I understand was there to indicate the Carrier Group had accomplished its mission, and say we have not accomplished the mission but when Bush said major combat operations were over, he was correct. We are not still running balls to the walls with armor all over killing large pockets of enemy soldiers. We are now dealing with terrorists from other countries, terrorists that have always been there, who are crawling out from under their rocks to fight America. Iraq is a great big piece of fly paper and we are trapping the flies in it every day so that we do not need to fight them here.

What will it take before the American left understands that we are in a cultural clash with an ideology that wants to convert or kill us? We have had no attacks on this country since 9/11. There have been plenty of plots broken up here and around the world but these are plots that the enemy is using to move to the next level in response to our ability to weed them out and kill them. We are killing them off so they are upping the ante. The question is, do we have the intestinal fortitude to step up as well? Or, as the liberals would have it, will we cut and run and embolden them on a level that far surpasses the boost they received when Israel acquiesced and allowed the appease fire?

We are in a fight that will take years. Of course it is more difficult for us than the enemy. They have no second thoughts about killing innocent civilians or using babes as bombs to kill as many people as possible. We go out of our way to minimize collateral damage. The war would be a lot easier if we killed every living being in an area in order to get the small number of terrorists among them. That is not an option for us and yet the left still accuses us of the murders and blames us for what is going on.

We do not expect everyone to be on board with the war. There are people like Carter and Clinton who do not understand it and frankly have no stomach for it. That is all well and good (except one would expect a President to have the stomach to do hard things) but we ask that they at least stay the hell out of the way and let those of us with the desire to protect our country and its interests do the job right so that our children will have a safer world in which to live. President Bush took the fight to the enemy and we need to keep pressure on that enemy in order to reduce it to an impotent entity. It sure would be a lot easier fighting them if we did not have to fight the moonbats as well.

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  1. Liberals Do Not Understand Terrorism By Big Dog…

    We are in a fight that will take years. Of course it is more difficult for us than the enemy.