Liberals Are Pro Choice

Except when they are not…

Liberals will fight tooth and nail to support abortion on demand. It, according to their twisted view, is a Constitutionally protected “right.” that must be protected at all costs. It is such a sacrament of the left that it is a major line of questioning when a conservative is nominated to the Supreme Court.

We have heard the arguments. It is a woman’s right to choose. It is her body and it is her decision and no one has a right to interfere with her right to choose. Liberals believe this right exists above the right of the unborn child to live. Yes, liberals even believe this right is more important than the murder of an unborn child who cries in agony as it is aborted.

It is all about the right to choose and liberals believe strongly in that.

Except when they don’t.

Liberals do not believe that people have a right to eat or drink what they want. The FDA went after an Amish farmer who was selling raw milk (unpasteurized) to people. The FDA spent two years investigating the Amish farmer and even set up fake buys in order to catch him. The government is concerned because raw milk can cause disease. This is true but it is also true that it is the right of the people to choose whether or not they want to take that risk. Abortion is allowed even though it almost always results in murder but people cannot choose to drink raw milk that might result in illness.

The FDA and the judge who ruled invoked interstate commerce to enforce the ruling but make no mistake about it, that was just the means to enforce the true issue and that was to deny people the right to drink whatever kind of milk they wanted. The Amish are free to sell the milk to people in Pennsylvania and the FDA can’t stop that but it can use interstate commerce to force people to stop doing something the government thinks is unsafe.

It boils down to the fact that government, particularly liberals (the FDA is inherently liberal), does not like people being free to do things that government finds wrong. Abortion, no problem because liberals bow to the gods of pro choice organizations but freedom to eat or drink what you want, not so much. One only needs to look at Nanny Bloomberg in New York to see that. No salt, no trans fats, no anything that Bloomberg thinks is unhealthy.

And that is not all. Liberals do not believe in our right to choose to keep and bear arms. Of these issues, the right to keep and bear arms is the only one in the US Constitution and liberals ignore it completely. Barack Obama is hell bent on removing our right and stripping the Second Amendment from the Constitution. He and his liberal pals do not believe that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual one even though our Founders explicitly stated that it was and the SCOTUS has ruled that it is (except some Justices on the court. The LIBERAL ones, of course). You have no free choice when it comes to owning and carrying a firearm.

Why is it that liberals think there is no choice in what we can eat or drink and think there is no choice in owing an carrying a firearm but the right to choose an abortion is undeniable?

It is because liberals only believe in things that destroy freedom and destroy life. They are more than happy to sanction murder as an absolute right but are loathe to allow rights that involve freedom.

Liberalism is the ideology of destruction. You might say it is the culture of destruction.

Look for it to get worse as more freedoms are violated and more life destroying “rights” are created out of thin air.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “Liberals Are Pro Choice”

  1. Barbara A. Orla says:

    I have said for a long time that any woman contemplating abortion should watch a baby being aborted, especially at 7 months. They should have to watch the scalding and the scissors into the brains. Then they should watch a film of a newly implanted fetus and see how fast it takes the shape of a baby. This much I can guarantee, that there will be a lot of doctors, nurses, and technicians in hell if they don’t repent and stop the murder. Also, what about the rights of the father? It’s his child too. I took a course in which I had to watch these films and want to know how medical personnel who have taken an oath to preserve life can sleep at night.

  2. ron meyer says:

    i see signs along hiway that say abortion stops a beating heart…. so does eating a steak or a lobster;;

    my contention is that……….. a body acquires a soul by its life experiences and its memories….how many memories do you have while residing in the womb//

    • Big Dog says:

      The comparison is moot and illogical. First of all, the beating heart is nearly instantly stopped during an abortion and the person whose heart is stopped has NO say in the matter. The people eating steak and lobster (which by the way can contribute to stopping a beating heart but are not sole causes) are exercising a choice. They are ding something that will, depending on the lives they lead, eventually cause their hearts to stop.

      As for a soul, it is present at conception and determining whether a soul exists or manifests based on memories is silly. Many people have no memory of what they did two days ago. Are they soulless?

  3. Blake says:

    Ron, We have all had these arguments before- and the one thing every progressive retreats to is the canard that a fetus is not really a human being, which is illogical and patently false.
    From the moment the sperm and egg meet, that will grow (if left unmolested and not gouged out with sharp instruments)into a human being- not a frog, nor a dog, or even a whale, but a human being.
    Ergo, the moment of conception is when a human baby is created, and to stop that process is unnatural and therefore murder.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      Well said, Blake.
      But I would like to say, I would like retro-abortion to be made legal. I would abort ron meyer in a heart-beat!
      Then go eat a lobster and a steak.