Liberals And Pedopholes

I recently wrote about a child in Baltimore that was killed by a convicted child sex predator. This animal has been arrested for and convicted of sexual abuse of children several times and has had charges dropped in other cases. Couple this with the other non sexual crimes he has been accused of and you have the making of a bad character. The Baltimore City justice system, under the helm of Mayor and Governor wannabe Martin O’Malley, decided on a number of occasions to let this animal out on the streets despite the fact that in 2002 he told police he was a pedophile and needed help! Melvin Jones, Jr befriended a family of 7 or eight children and the mother allowed him to baby-sit the kids. She did this despite knowing for more than a year that he was a pedophile and over the objections raised by the now slain child’s grandmother.

Why was Jones allowed out on the street? Kevin McCullough at has an interesting piece entitled “Why Liberals Love Pedophiles” in which he states; “Liberals love pedophiles, because they must do so to keep their own belief system intact.” In fact, McCullough lays out a convincing argument that child sexual predators (particularly the specific one he writes about) have gotten their ideas about adult/child sex from the Clinton administration:

So where does Distasio [the pedophile he profiles, ed] get the boldness to make such ludicrous claims?

How about modern liberalism, academia, and the Clinton administration?

As I document in MuscleHead Revolution, Judith Levine, the academic who released the book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, argues that it is harmful to protect children from sexual activity. As I point out, she goes so far as to encourage adults to not think prudishly about sexual activity between adults and children. She even advocates for the “rights” of children to be able to “give their consent” for “legal” and “healthy” sexual activity with adults.

One might think that Levine is just a nutcase, except that she was published by the University of Minnesota Press. Her book was endorsed by Dr. Jocelyn Elders who also wrote its forward. Elders was the Clinton era, surgeon general.

There were a number of things that went wrong in Baltimore that led to murder of Irvin Harris at the hands of Melvin Jones including a lenient court, a lax supervisory role by the parole office and terrible decisions made by Harris’ mother. Perhaps, as pointed out in the article by McCullough, the root cause is that liberals (and Baltimore is loaded with them) embrace the lifestyle of pedophilia and think that there is nothing unhealthy about an adult/child sexual relationship. With the ACLU constantly defending these perverse acts and liberal politicians doing nothing to stop them from happening, perhaps this is not too far from the truth.

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3 Responses to “Liberals And Pedopholes”

  1. Rue-Mur says:

    It’s all over now, but the fighting. The courts are ruling in favor of Utopian daydreams, not real people, today, NOW. The President is “waiting” for Congress to “act” on illegal immigration. Congress is Congress, like in days of yore, doing nothing but talking issues to death. The Muslims (there’s a billion of ’em) are set to rise up and kill as many Jews and Christians as they can before they’re decimated and sent to the happy harem grounds by several and various sized nuclear weapons “Made in the USA”. Russia and China are about as helpful in the Middle East as a pair of vultures circling high in the sky waiting for us to die so they can pick our bones. Europe, poor, stupid, daydreaming Europe is, as always, just being as useless as ever –well, the one’s who speak French, Spanish, Italian, and German are. Mexico and South America are still Mexico and South America. Yes, it’s true! It’s all over now, but the fighting. What does this have to do with Melvin Jones, Jr.? You see, you would never have heard of Melvin Jones, Jr. fifty years ago. It’s only been in the last fifty years that we have been running like lemmings toward and over the cliffs; fighting to get ahead of the other people around us; not paying the slightest attention to anyone or anything other than ourselves. Now do you see?

  2. Grunt2 says:

    Something I just don’t understand; maybe some stray liberal can enlighten me. Please?

    Why is it that you folks care nothing about the life of an innocent child and will go to hell and back for some disgusting piece of trash walking around in a human body? Seems you got it backwards. Seems you ought to be advocating the death penalty for anyone convicted of a felony if you think an innocent baby can be flushed away by it’s mother. But you don’t! Innocents are not good and scum bags are.

    Seems we need a law that aborts babies that turn into society’s scum and/or liberals; they’re both -apparently- mentally defective.

    Or –allowing for miracles– maybe we should wait and do it if they fail to graduate from high school, or college, or have more than any drunk driving violations, or … you know, the possibilities are endless. I just might buy this (S L A P !)…sorry, don’t know what came over me.

  3. gordo says:

    Its all about moral relativism; if it feels good do it; “… Feelings.” In other words “Love the one you are with,” even if the one is twelve. The Libs keep “slip sliding away,” and they will not “break on through.”

    So, not to worry, just get your lighter ready for the encore.