Liberals And Diplomacy, Everyone Hold Hands

Two weenie reporters, Mike Allen and Romesh Ratnesar, from Time magazine have concluded that Cowboy Diplomacy is dead and they base this on certain actions of the President. They are claiming that since Bush has indicated that Wanted Dead or Alive was misinterpreted in certain parts of the world (an opinion Adam agrees with) and since Bush did not jump up and start shooting at North Korea that he has abandoned what they call Cowboy Diplomacy.

One thing is certain, if weenies like these guys had any say in our history, our nation would never have been founded. It is probably true that wanted dead or alive was misinterpreted in some parts of the world bu then again so is the idea of human decency. The animals we are fighting have no concept of human decency and they kill anyone they wish in order to advance the cause of Islam. As far as I am concerned it would be better if we just changed the whole concept to “Wanted Dead” and left it at that.

When we decided to extend the war on terror into Iraq we had very little success with the UN, the left’s great bastion of diplomacy. Given the fact that Hussein ignored UN resolutions for 14 years and given the fact that the UN did nothing (except profit from the sanctions) we took the decision to go in. The left went nuts because they believe that everything we do should involve a consensus of all the nations of the UN. When there are setbacks in Iraq we are reminded that Bush went it “alone” and without getting UN approval. Kerry made this a big part of his Presidential bid.

Now we are faced with North Korea. They were given 4 billion dollars by the Clinton administration and they promised not to develop nuclear weapons. They promptly developed nuclear weapons. Did Clinton get blamed, no it was blamed on Bush who took his eye off North Korea while chasing Hussein in Iraq. Be that as it may, now we are faced with an idiot leader in North Korea and he is firing missiles all over the place. We could have easily sent a few missiles there and taken out the launch pads but instead, we are in the UN trying it the way the left likes it. The request to convene the UN security council, by the way, was made by Japan. They have a vested interest in this because the North Korean missiles can hit them.

So we have the UN meetings and, well what a surprise, China and Russia do not want sanctions. They think that it should be OK for North Korea to shoot missiles all over the place, mostly because China and Russia are supporters of North Korea and they enable that little troll running the country. China and Russia always side against the US. Whatever position we take they take an opposite one. They believe that we are too hasty with military action and sanctions though I seem to recall that Putin gave orders for the terrorists who killed Russian diplomats to be hunted down and destroyed.

The US is doing things through the UN just as the left and the rest of the crooked world desire. We have gone to this impotent organization and supported Japan’s request for sanctions but it looks like Kim Jong Il will be launching nuclear weapons all over the world before this body of idiots takes a decision. To Times reporters the actions of our President signal the end of Cowboy Diplomacy. If the UN does not do something I think you will see us go after North Korea. I also think that if a missile hits the US or Japan we should blow up two places, North Korea and the UN building in New York.

Cowboy Diplomacy worked for Reagan and it is working in the war on terror. The diplomatic method of appeasement is what got us all these troubles to begin with. If everyone in the MSM was not busy giving Clinton Lewinsky’s they might be able to see that his methods of limp-wristed responses and back door deals with our enemies is what gave us these problems. Clinton and Carter had this idea that diplomacy involved giving the enemy what they wanted and appeasing them. They acted like little sissies when confronted by the school yard bully. Carter was impotent for over 400 days. Cowboy Diplomacy might not be good in the eyes of these reporters but it must be feared. Look at how quickly Iran released hostages when Reagan was sworn in. They knew he would wipe them out and they relinquished their hold on our people.

I believe the idea is Peace Through Strength and it works.

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