Liberal Tolerance Strikes Again

Police are investigating vandalism of a Confederate War Memorial in Denton Texas. Vandals spray painted the words “This is racist” across the memorial during nighttime hours. They were caught on surveillance video.

There is a felony that carries a fine up to $10,000 and 6 months to 2 years in jail. I hope they catch the thugs who did this and give them the max.

This is one of the many problems in society. People think they can do what they want whenever they want simply because they do not like something. These thugs don’t like the memorial so they defaced it. It is very likely these people were brought up by parents (more likely A parent) who depend on government and who have no sense of personal responsibility.

This is how liberals act, and make no mistake, it was liberals who did this. They do not like something so it is racist or some other ‘ist’ and must be destroyed. Anything they like is a right and must be paid for by taxpayers.

There is nothing wrong with monuments to the people who were part of the Confederate States. This is our nation’s history and no matter what the history is it is ours and we must own up to it. The Confederacy was not about slavery or racism (any more than the north was about it and they had slaves as well).

The concentration camps in Germany still stand and can be toured. We have monuments to all kinds of things in this nation and we should not remove them and they should not be defaced just because some twits get their little panties in a wad.

More than half the country is pissed off at Congress so is it OK to spray paint the Capitol or knock it down? A lot of people are pissed at Obama so is it OK to do the same to the White House? Malcolm X was a racist perhaps we can dig his decayed body up and move him someplace.

When would it end? At what point do people start acting like adults? The Confederate Battle Flag is not racist and neither is a monument or grave/cemetery for confederate soldiers. I get it, some folks don’t like them. Well suck it up cupcake because they are here, they are part of history and you have no right to rid us of these items because your little feelings have been hurt.

Once again I hope they catch these thugs and give them the maximum penalty under the law.

I want these folks to understand what being held responsibile means.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Liberal Tolerance Strikes Again”

  1. Barbara says:

    Pathetic pos is what they are. Thanks to Obama and his raceing buddies, this crap is getting way out of control. I have a Confederate flag on my porch, just because they said I can’t. I am really hoping someone shows up to take it or start some shit. Hope they have insurance, they will need long term care at the least. I also have a American and Texas flag too. Country folks where I live, neighbors want say a word, but some punk showing up is a possibility. Lol. I will let my boxer have a go first. then I will finish it. My house, my property, my family, my Country. In God I Trust. I am fed up with the pathetic BS being promoted by BarackHUSSAIN Obama. I will not take my flags down. Bring it.