Liberal Berkeley Cowards Vandalize Recruiting Station

The libtards of Berkeley California have been fighting a Marine recruiting station for some time now. The hags of Code Pink(o) protested everyday, the city council said they were unwelcome and then did everything possible to make it easy for the antagonists to continue. To their credit, the Marines never mopped the street up with these low life scum bags.

These people are absolute cowards. They certainly act tough when there are huge numbers of them and TV cameras around but then they wait until the cover of darkness to vandalize the recruiting station. That’s right, these maggots vandalize the recruiting station at night when no one is around because they are cowards. The only difference between them and the terrorists who use cowardly acts to intimidate people is that the libtards don’t scare anyone. If you scream boo at them they wet their panties. After the most recent attack on the station some libtard reported on it and was actually happy that it happened. Here is what someone named Scarlet wrote:

At 9PM on March 18th, the eve of the 6th anniversary of the war in Iraq, a group of persons wearing masks smashed the windows and splattered red paint at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California.

The center has been the target of protests for the last 18 months, and stands as a symbol of U.S. militarism and imperialist wars. The act of property distruction stands alone as the embodyment of frustration of a people whos government does not listen to or care about them.

Police have not made any arrests but are reviewing the tape, said Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. A sledgehammer and a crowbar were found in a nearby garbage can nearby, and are being reviewing as evidence. After breaking windows and improving the Marine Corps logo at the center, the group wearing masks and dark clothing scattered in three different directions, police said.

As of the time of this posting, no one involved has been arrested. The act was easy. You and a few friends could have pulled it off any day.




Scarlet is happy that some maggot used a sledgehammer to, in her words (assuming Scarlet is a she) “improve the Marine Corps logo.” She seems to think this station stands as a symbol of imperialism and militarism and that the vandalism is because of the frustration caused by government not listening to the people.

For some reason these left wing retards seem to think that it is OK to go around and damage things if they don’t get what they want. Like spoiled children they throw tantrums when big daddy government does not do their bidding. They justify illegal acts and acts of violence by saying they are not being listened to.

Now we know these cowards did this at night, not because they are afraid of the police because the cops there in Berkeley are probably sympathetic to the cause, but because they have something bigger to fear. These cowards did this at night when the Marines were not there because they know the Marines will stomp the living hell out of them and keep stomping until their intestines squirt out of their anuses.

Since these libtards seem to think that it is perfectly OK to raise hell and damage things when they are not listened to perhaps the Marines should kick up a little dust because no one had listened to them when they asked to be left alone.

How about we put a platoon of Marines in Berkeley and they walk through the streets in a long formation abreast of each other and just slap the hell out of anyone they come across? They could say that the local government did not listen to them and instead pandered to the cowards thus creating an atmosphere where this kind of stuff happens. They could justify their slapping liberals around by saying that this is the frustration that occurs when government does not listen.

It would be great to see a platoon of Marines just walking through town and seeing how many of the opposition has the guts to attack them in the daylight. I say none, zero, zilch, nada because they are cowards. The Marines could just go around beating the hell out of people who look at them them the wrong way.

None of this will happen because, unlike the limp wristed, latte drinking, cowards who vandalize under cover of darkness, the Marines have integrity and discipline.

What I would like to see is for the Marines to put 3 or 4 troops in front of that building to guard it. They could pull guard duty there and just beat the living hell out of anyone who tries to vandalize.

Of course, they would never get the chance because the bed wetting liberal pansies who do this kind of stuff don’t have the testicular fortitude to do it when there is any kind of opposition.

Who knows though. The East Bay website is out of San Francisco so maybe they will send in the Pink Berets…

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Liberal Berkeley Cowards Vandalize Recruiting Station”

  1. Adam says:

    It’s as if you want to pretend only liberals vandalize things under the cover of darkness. No, radical anti-Abortionists have never vandalized a Planned Parenthood. Idiot GOP supporters have never vandalized a Democratic HQ.

    But then again, maybe you are right. Some crazy asshole stormed into the Democratic HQ in Little Rock AR last year and shot and killed the party leader. He may have been a conservative since I guess that’s how your your side rolls.

    • Big Dog says:

      I certainly never made the claim and I have been quick to speak out against this kind of behavior no matter where it comes from. However, the police will aggressively pursue an abortion clinic attack. That is not necessarily the case here since it is continually the target of the “peace” crowd.

      As far as political HQs go, that happens on both sides and is despicable. I believe I have spoken against that as well.

      As for the Little Rock incident, there is no connection to what happened and politics. This was not some right wing gun nut who had it in for Democrats, it was a guy upset about something else. I spoke against that shooting as well.

      However, your claim that this is how my side rolls, can you show where gun owners are going around shooting political opponents? You know, most of the American assassins of the 20th Century were liberals. Responsible gun owners do not go around shooting people with whom they disagree.

    • Big Dog says:

      Besides, you guys all said it was OK to bomb stuff by ignoring Bill Ayers as just some guy in the neighborhood…

  2. Harry says:

    It doesnt matter what these liberal fags do to our troops! One thing is for sure, GUN sales have Quadrupel since the Election of their Messiah. I just bought two rifles and a hell of alot of ammo! HEll yeah Beeooch!I know one thing for sure, is our beloved Second Amendment speaks louder than these fuckers going around destroying the men and woman that protect us!