Lib Hawks Fox News Filter

What will those crazy ultra-left liberals think of next? Well, I’ll tell you. Sam Kimery of Tulsa, Oklahoma invented — and is now selling — a “Fox Blocker.” This little device can be screwed on to the back of your television for the sole purpose of blocking the Fox News Channel (FNC). All this can be yours for the low, low price of just $8.95.!

Before you link right over to Kimery’s Web site and purchase one for every TV in your house, let’s think about the concept. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and easier to not switch the channel to FNC? Has the channel surfing concept sunk to such lows that one cannot avoid a channel one dislikes?

In answer to these questions, Kimery likens the devices to burning a draft card. (I think this statement alone can testify to his proclivities.) He feels it’s a tangible way for the like-minded to show their disapproval for the network. Of course, he’s also making money off the project.

“The point is not to block the channel or block free speech but to raise awareness,” said Kimery. — AP

The Associated Press (AP) reported up the story and such bastions of impartiality like AOL and the Boston Globe ran with it today. It’s also been mentioned the liberal-friendly show Boston Legal. According to the article, Kimery has already sold this gadget to 100 morons. With this media blitz, I’m betting his sales will increase exponentially. After all, we have a plethora of morons in this country. Of course, anyone reading this blog has already excused themselves from that category.

Let me just add that when purchasing the device on line you not only receive the device for your $8.95 (not including shipping and handling) — you can also send a letter to Fox advertisers voicing your displeasure. Wow!

Now, here’s the real kicker: Kimery doesn’t use the device himself! The inventor leaves the device off his television sets. He claims he’s pre-programmed the remote to only surf a half-dozen channels, which don’t include FNC. (I’m sure we can all imagine which channels it does include.) He added that he occasionally watches FNC when he wants to see something “especially heinous.”

I had second thoughts about posting on this dubious invention. After all, it’s just giving this idiot more press time than he deserves. Then, I thought about our readership. Conservative or liberal, if you hang with the Big Dog and his sidekick, you must be above such trivialities. Be assured, if it were some overzealous conservative making a blocker for CNN, I would have no less disdain for the concept.

You can read the full article here.

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9 Responses to “Lib Hawks Fox News Filter”

  1. Big Dog says:

    He feels it’s a tangible way for the like-minded to show their disapproval for the network.

    Each device probably comes with a package of Kool-aid!

  2. Surfside says:

    Well, the Kool-Aid better come with an instruction manual. Anyone stupid enough to buy this product is going to need it.

  3. Adam says:

    The only ones drinking kool-aid are those who think Fox is fair and balanced…

  4. Surfside says:

    Ah, Adam, you are one of those blessings in disguise. You keep me on my toes while researching and thinking about your comments.

    Fox may have more conservative-minded hosts than other channels. Their prime-time is headlined by an Independent (Bill O’Reilly). Yes, he often leans conservative. But, certainly not exclusively. Then, we have Hannity & Colmes — in Lib vs. Consv. Greta’s party affiliation is anyone’s guess. She maintains a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. My guess is she’s a Democrat. I could be wrong, though.

    Britt Hume hung with Clinton as a reporter most, if not all, the years Clinton was in office. His panel always includes at least one Dem and usually one Independent.

    Chris Wallace seems to lean left. And, we all know that Geraldo Rivera is a card carrying Dem. John Gibson is Rivera’s Republican alter ego.

    While Fox commentary often leans to the right, Their news and investigative pieces seem to remain more neutral than most other outlets. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  5. Big Dog says:

    The only reason Adam does not think Fox is fair and balanced is because they present a form of the news he is not accustomed to seeing. He is used to years of being at the teet of the MSM and has been raised on the news they call impartial. When he sees something in the middle or moderately right it appears to him as a major leap because it does not resemble the leftist propaganda he is used to seeing.

  6. Adam says:


    Did you catch the WaPo article about the opinion level of Fox News?

    Big Dig:

    I’ve never been a strong watcher of the news, so your teet theory is off base. By the time I started keeping informed I was staying away from the mainstream media. If I want to hear the bad news I watch Fox News. They’ve always got an armed standoff or a murder to tell me about.

  7. Big Dog says:

    First of all, it ia the Washington Post, a very liberal paper. Secondly, the anchors on Fox in the evening get paid to give their opinions. The actual news casts are a different thing all together.

    The most important thing to remember is that the other news outlets do not have to have anchors give an opinion. The way they report the news is an opinion in and of itself. Most of their stories already have a slant, or opinion depicted so there is no need to tell what they think, it has already been portrayed.

  8. Surfside says:

    Big Dog has a point. I used to work in both print and broadcast journalism. There is no such thing as unbiased journalism. There are only news outlets that strive to maintain this standard. Even the decision of what to run at the top of the show or above the fold usually encompasses one or more party’s perception of the importance of a piece. A single word can change a sentence, story or perception. Any true journalist knows this.

    I’m looking for a link of a report that indicates the media bias of the MSM outlets. If I can find it, I will post it.

  9. Big Dog says:

    The point is not to block the channel or block free speech but to raise awareness

    And the balance of this guys bank account. We have a filter to block unwanted channels. It is called the channel selector.