Letters From The Children To The Fuhrer

Remember thisThe man child running the country has released a few letters from children asking for gun control. He did this ahead of his big announcement where he will trample on our rights. He will be surrounded by children as he makes his announcement which should come as no surprise since he has trampled on the graves of the dead children in Connecticut in order to bring us gun control. This is a tactic Hitler used. Surround yourself with children and claim what you are doing is in their best interests and people will give up most anything.

Not me.

My children deserve freedom as do all the children of this country. The freedom they deserve is a birthright paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of patriots who endured many hardships so that we might be free.

Now that freedom is in peril as the Socialist in the White House works to disarm us. All tyrants first disarm people because unarmed people are slaves who can be forced to do anything. Jews were disarmed under Hitler and then 6 million of them were murdered because they did not have the means to resist.

This is the legacy of governments that disarm their citizens. This is the legacy of many regimes that have disarmed people and then systematically murdered them by the millions.

This can happen here unless patriots stand firm and refuse to be disarmed. This is the only way to keep our children safe and FREE.

I know Obama is using children and their letters as props to advance his anti American agenda. Does anyone actually think he gives a rip what children think? How many wrote him letters saying gun control was not the answer? Bet you will never see those.

In any event, if the man child in DC is listening to children on policy issues then we need to mobilize.

Our children need to write letters by the millions asking him to cut spending to protect them from the burden of massive debt. All of our children and our grandchildren (and even their children and grandchildren) have been saddled with huge amounts of debt and they will be slaves to government their entire lives. Children born today enter the world owing tens of thousands of dollars.

We need our kids to write letters demanding that spending be cut so that they can be free of the burden of government debt.

If Obama truly cares what children think and truly responds to their letters then he needs to get millions of them.

Of course you know he would ignore those. Children are only props to him. Make no mistake people; Obama does not care about your children. He allows them to be murdered by the bushel before they are born. He does not care if your kids are safe.

Children are only useful to him when he has an agenda. That is why he had a kid present when he signed Obamacare and it is why he will have kids present today.

Hitler did it and look how that turned out.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Letters From The Children To The Fuhrer”

  1. CoolCat says:

    Well said. Like the Germans were, our masses are clueless. Sadder than sad. Thank you MSM for enabling this guy with your blind propaganda and “pitiful” news coverage.

  2. Blake says:

    The media always seek to curry favor if it appears that their “relevance” is being questioned, or if they think they are being laughed at.
    Hey media- you ARE being laughed at, because you ARE a joke.