Letterman is a Pervert

David Letterman is a Left wing Loon- we all know that, and he is not particularly funny, but then I have not cared much for Jay Leno either. I guess after you have seen Johnny Carson at his best, all others pale in comparison. At least Carson could do sketch comedy and be funny, plus the man had class when it came to his guests or the butt of his jokes.

Not so for Letterman, who you might think would be a bit more sensitive to the feelings of children, especially after the plot to kidnap his son. But apparently any joke, even ones about raping a 14 year old, are ok when someone like Letterman has sagging ratings, or he is seeking to defame and slander a minor in a sexually suggestive way. Apparently, a joke about the minor child of a Republican is okay, judging from the laughter from his loony audience, but if the jokes had been about a liberal child, you could have heard a pin drop in the studio.

I have never found the failed weatherman humorous at all- just a bit embarrassing. Early on in his “career”, I would watch, often looking at whoever else might be in the room, and asking, ” Who in the hell gave this moke a job? This is pitiful.”

Now, several years later, he is still very unfunny, and his liberal bias is showing big time- it’s really become very childish. Oh, am not talking about his unwarranted trashing of Sarah Palin- she is a big girl, and knows that this kind of tasteless trashing is part and parcel of politics, but to go after the children of the politicians? That is just unacceptable.

And here lies the hypocrisy- just as Muslims condemn the extremists in a whisper, so do the left wingers- apparently they feel that it is alright to attack and defame , slander, and, as they say these days, dis the children of people like Sarah Palin. “Oh they are conservative, its okay.”

That reminds me of Colonel Fetterman’s rationale for killing the Indian children on a raid in Colorado in the 1880s- “Kill them all-Nits make lice.” meaning, the children grow up and become adults and become trouble. Same failed thinking here, I guess. And I guess on some level I am disappointed in my judgement- I thought that someone like Letterman would have some class, and I was wrong about that. That is truly sad.

I have my differences with Hussein- I hate his policies, I believe he does truly want to destroy America, but I would not ever go after his children. They have done nothing- why would I? I have scruples. Can you liberals say “Scruples”?

Keep trying- especially you , Letterman.


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30 Responses to “Letterman is a Pervert”

  1. a mother says:

    Jokes about any girl being promiscuous are out of line. I’d bet the joke was made in an attempt to get Sarah Palin on his show to boost his ratings. Like you, I find Letterman not funny and this is just another reason to not watch him.

  2. Blake says:

    Yea- put a trenchcoat on him, and he would look like the perfect image of a pedophile.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Interestingly, Letterman “knocked up” his girlfriend and did not marry her until his kid was about 5. Why is he so harsh on a teen who got pregnant.

    I know the argument, they talk values and abstinence but then their daughter gets pregnant. Is there no one who can see that those are goals and that people are fallible? She is a teen who got pregnant. That happens no matter how much we try to teach our children. Many people who go after Bristol are the ones who more often than not sweated missing a period (or that their girlfriend did) as teens.

    We tell our kids not to use tobacco or drugs and some of them still do. I am sure that the liberal parents of children involved in alcohol or drug violations did not raise them telling them to use these things. Are we to attack them for the choices and mistakes their kids made?

    I know Letterman claims that he did not know it was the 14 year old. Who cares? Is it any more appropriate to attack any woman with jokes about anything that can be perceived as rape?

    The comment about the slutty flight attendant look was over the top but Palin is a public figure and is open game. I just wonder why Letterman did not comment on Michelle Obama and her get up the other day. Maybe say she looked like a hip hop hooker?

    Letterman is free to say what he wants but he has to accept the backlash for his words.

    The sad thing is we have heard nothing from feminist groups. I guess they are only for the women with whom they agree.

    Just don’t watch his show. And to really make it bad watch Conan just to increase his ratings.

    Maybe Palin can go on Conan and really put him over the top on Letterman.

    Yes, Letterman is past his use by date and needs to be discarded.

  4. Blake says:

    The biggest problem is that Letterman is just symptomatic of the liberal side of the equation, and there seem to be no limits- The children of the pols do not deserve this, and while Chelsea got a pass, Barbara and Jenna Bush caught hell from the media.
    It’s hard enough growing up in this world without all of this on your head.
    Look at what incessant publicity and media have done to Lindsay Lohan, and she wants the attention- I’ll bet none of the Palin children do- or Sasha and Mahlia.

    • Adam says:

      Chelsea got a pass? For what? What did she do that the media passed on? Stopped eating meat in the White House?

      The Bush twins were both arrested for underage drinking and faking/stealing ID’s to buy alcohol while their father was POTUS. What is the press supposed to do? Ignore it completely?

      • Blake says:

        The children of the POTUS had been hands off with regards to press coverage, but i see that that is changed, and you are fine with that as long as it was a Republican’s child. What a hypocrite you are as far as your fake morality.
        I suppose if Sasha or Mahlia gets pregnant we can say how sorry we are that tiller isn’t around for their pre natal care.

        • Adam says:

          Oh brother. Hypocrite? You’re beyond belief. Why don’t you dial down the drama and answer my question: What did Chelsea ever do while her father was president that she was given a pass for? If you can’t or won’t answer that then how can you claim she was given a pass?

          You miss the big picture in your comparison anyway. Sasha and Mahlia are around 11 and 8. Chelsea was around 12 or 13 when she moved into the White House. They are all children. The Bush twins? They were 20 years old. They were young adults making stupid decisions and breaking the law and paying the price for it.

          The adult daughters of a sitting president being arrested and charged with crimes? I’m sorry, but that’s news and no amount of pathetic crying by you guys about liberal bias can change that fact.

          Just for one moment, just to break from routine, I wish you’d actually apply some kind of critical thinking or logic or fact to what you say instead of simply lying through your teeth and then calling everybody a hypocrite when you get called for it.

          • Big Dog says:

            I don’t think I ever defended what the Bush girls did or did not do. Chelsea was pretty sheltered by the Clintons so it is unlikely she would have been doing bad stuff but if she had it would never have been reported. If Matt Drudge had not broken the Lewinsky story it would never have been reported as Newsweek was keeping it from being published and only ran with it after Drudge exposed it. So we can expect that anything Chelsea would have done would have never seen the light of day. I am not saying she did anything and I don’t care. She is a kid and kids do things sometimes that parents are not proud of. All parents know this.

            Obama’s children have done nothing wrong so there is nothing to make fun of? I could come up with several jokes but would not do that. The point is, What was Bristol Palin’s so called crime? She got pregnant before she was married. The crime to liberals is that she did not abort so she would not be punished with a child (Obama’s words). But what did she do to deserve scorn? Letterman’s girlfriend got pregnant long before they were married.

            You claim the Palin’s asked for it because they paraded their pregnant kid around. All candidates like to bring their family. You people think she should have hidden her. Palin was saying, here is my family and I LOVE THEM regardless of their faults, mistakes, or problems. You pathetic people had her fifth kid as her grandchild and half of you said it was fathered by Todd. You all are beyond the pale. Amazingly, liberals beat Dan Quayle to death over comments about Murphy Brown (a TV character) giving birth out of wedlock. Now you all chide Bristol for having the same life experience.

            Obama did not leave his kids home when they should have been in school. He exploited them as any other candidate does to show what a wonderful family they are. If anyone made fun of them then that person would be attacked endlessly.

            Leave all the kids out of it.

            Letterman, be thankful you were not talking about my daughter. Your heart would be the least of your worries.

        • Blake says:

          Yes, hypocrite, at least where morality is concerned- The person running for office can be lambasted- that’s fair game- the wife and kids? Never the kids, and it shouldn’t make a difference how old they are. It was one of the bush twins, and if you have kids, you will have problems with them, I do not care how perfect YOU think they are- life goes on- but you do not use the kids to further your political biases- if you do, (and you seem comfortable with this) you are a hypocrite
          As far as Chelsea goes, the Clintons shielded her fairly well, but they also passed on demands to the press- NO stories about Chelsea- something the left wing media were only too happy to comply with. If only they had included Monica in that directive, huh?

        • Adam says:

          “Yes, hypocrite, at least where morality is concerned…”

          What does that even mean, anyway?

        • Blake says:

          The Clintons specifically told the media that stories about Chelsea were off limits, and like the timid mice they are, they complied. can’t say Chelsea did anything wrong, but we will never know. The questionable morality comes when you think these stories are ok, regardless of who is in office.
          Bristol has the right- certainly more than you – to speak to abstinence only practices, and her life experiences with this, pro or con.
          Should they have left her home to go campaigning? Like they were ashamed? Would that be how you felt about your sister, or your daughter? If so, I truly feel sorry for you.

        • Adam says:

          I’d love to see where I’ve mentioned Bristol Palin, let alone supporting any of the stories or attacks on the Palin family. My fault was found in that you said “Chelsea got a pass” and you back that up with blather. Then you pretend I believe something I have stated nothing about and then call me a hypocrite for it. All in a day’s work for you, I suppose.

        • Adam says:

          Since you’ve as usual made my unspecified beliefs into a straw man that you shredded with claims of hypocrisy or questions about my morality I guess I better just say this for the record:

          The young children of politicians should be off limits. The criminal or hypocritical actions of the adult children, spouses, or other family members of a politician is fair game.

          I have never condoned or even thought much about the attacks or jokes aimed at Palin’s family. I think Palin herself provides all the stupidity anyone should ever need to entertain with.

        • Blake says:

          Yes adam, and Sarah is fair game as are the rest of the adults- but never the children, and the criticism should have valid grounds, not National Inquirer details. That is just beyond the pale and certainly contributes to the coarsening of dialogue. We all practice it to some degree, and we should be above it- all part and parcel of the coarsening of America.

      • Big Dog says:

        While I know that some folks told jokes about Chelsea (in bad taste) they were rightly rebuked. SNL did a skit with her appearing as a plane jane with braces and there was outrage all over (and SNL is full of libs).

        No one attacked Chelsea when she campaigned for her mother so the argument about putting your kids on stage is a false one. Obama’s kids were with him most of the time, are they fair game? I think they should be left alone.

        And I think it was one of Bush’s kids caught underage drinking with a fake ID and it was a story. Kerry’s daughter pranced around with her boobs showing through her clothes and Gore’s kid arrested for some drug/driving problem. How many jokes about all that? How many Letterman jokes were there about the slutty Kerry girl who was raped?

        • Darrel says:

          BIGD: “Kerry’s daughter pranced around with her boobs showing through her clothes…”>>

          That’s hardly fair. This is a phenomenon of flash photography in low light.
          Years ago in New York I was taking pictures of my girlfriend and some women dancing in a night club. Everything was covered and their attire looked appropriate. When I looked at the pictures later I found the flash could amazingly, see through some clothes. A lot of clothes. Some women looked like they were just wearing a bra and panties.

          See a safe example here.

          “Didn’t girlfriend Kelly tell you flash photography shows up your see-through top, Danny?”

          And they did make jokes about this.


      • In on it not says:

        I got arrested for the same thing as a kid, fake ID name and drinking, but it was in the local paper. End of story. Why should Bush kids be national news, for days and, obviousy from your fixation, years later?

        They say, “Steal a loaf of bread and they call you a thief for a day. Rape a goat and they call you a goat fucker for life.”
        As the dimo-wits say, it isn’t the fact they got arrested for ID or drinking…it is the “seriousness of the charge!”

        Yes, Chelsea and every Demo gets a pass and we all see it. Your consorting with goats.

        • Darrel says:

          INONIT: “They say, “Steal a loaf of bread and they call you a thief for a day.”>>

          Your joke reminds me of that Republican candidate for governor of Georgia who, while campaigning, admitted to having sex with a mule. Neal Horsley. Excerpt:

          “We’re talking about the mule now?”

          Yes, he says. The mule.

          “A small mule?” I ask.

          “No, a full grown mule,” he says. “She loved me, though.”

          The rest of the juicy interview is here:


          I think he admitted to other animals too.

          Regarding Letterman, probably best to not take late night jokes too seriously. Palin got knocked up before marriage so it’s not too big of a surprise when her daughter does the same, and right under Palin’s nose apparently. Perhaps the surprising part is her (rather shamelessly) using her pregnant daughter as a prop during the campaign. Might have been best to leave her home for that round. And then we have her daughter, without a hint of the apparent hypocrisy, now wanting to be a spokesperson for abstinence only education. The old, “okay for me, but not for thee.”

          You don’t have to make jokes about these people, you just point out what they do.

          Abstinence only education doesn’t work, is an utter farce, and Palin and her situation are a *prime* example of this. I went in one day and did a little one hour show about the failure of Abstinence Only Education on our local cable access TV station (The Cat). Turned out, it won documentary show of the year. A nice surprise. My powerpoint slides for the presentation can be viewed by anyone, here:


          “Every reputable sexuality education organization in the U.S., as well as prominent health organizations including the American Medical Association, have denounced abstinence-only sexuality education.”

          • Big Dog says:

            Did Palin back abstinence only legislation to all other forms or did she say she would not back explicit sex education that involved distributing contraceptives at school?

            So people with lung cancer can’t speak against the evils of smoking, people who received a DUI can’t speak out against drinking and driving? How do you conclude that a person with actual experience in something is in no position to speak about a subject.

            I don’t believe that abstinence only education works any more than I believe taxing tobacco or alcohol will keep kids who want to try it from trying it. All might reduce incidents but will not eradicate. However, I don’t think that just because we believe in something and teach something we become bad people or objects of ridicule for faltering. Her daughter got pregnant as millions of girls do and she should not be the object of scorn because her mother believed in abstinence.

            Just because you are unable to live up to a value to which you aspire does not make you a hypocrite. We are humans and falter all the time. How do you know that Palin did not start believing abstinence after her own life experiences? How do you reconcile the scorn for Palin and the obvious hypocrisy at allowing Catholic politicians make a big deal out of going to church considering their stance on abortion? How do you reconcile those who express family values and then have affairs on their spouses (from all parties)?

            As for Letterman, he went over the line. His people KNEW the 14 year old was the daughter there. They needed controversy because Conan was getting all the attention. Pailin is an easy way for libs to get laughs. Barack Obama paraded his kids all over with him and no one has made pathetic jokes about them. I could think of several but it would be in bad taste. It is wrong. Letterman would have loved to have Palin on so he could get a huge ratings boost. She should go on Conan.

            I am no public figure but if I were and Letterman talked about my daughter like that I would show up at the studio and he would get one huge ratings boost just before the lights went out on his show.

            • Darrel says:

              Letterman’s more than gracious apology can be read HERE.

              Leno told practically the same joke and nobody noticed.

              BIGD: “I don’t believe that abstinence only education works any more than I believe taxing tobacco or alcohol will keep kids who want to try it from trying it.”

              Abstinence education is always part of any comprehensive sex education. Abstinence *Only* education is what some want to teach and it gets very poor results because it invariably leads to religious people, for religious reasons, giving inaccurate (read dishonest) information to the kiddies. It’s very important they receive accurate information. The record of Abstinence Only education is so bad, and so dishonest, it has caused states to refuse the federal funding for sex ed., resulting in better results.

              The Abstinence Only material is so bad, the kids laugh at it. I researched this topic because my son was in grade 11 at the time and went through the local Abstinence Only education program.


        • Blake says:

          Wow Darrel- you are truly a legend in your own mind- so accomplished you are- at everything. Its amazing, but I do not buy it for a second. I have found the more one brags, the less they have actually done.

  5. Dukehoopsfan says:

    It’s just the age old liberal double standard in play here. For me the final chapter of this would be Todd Palin either calling him out at a news conference or just walking onto the set. Imagine the laughter as little Dave soils his Depends.

    • Big Dog says:

      I would love for Todd to accept the invitation with the stipulation that he gets to spar with Letterman. Todd could use one arm (the non dominant one) and beat Letterman sillier than he is.

      Now that would be worth watching his show for.

  6. tim bucktu' says:

    I already put it to the test. So far I’m suspended from 4 different forums by typing this ” I can’t wait for the Obama girls to come of age and into season, I’d like to take either of them behind the bleachers”.
    And in my opinion that is milder, it allows them to become of age first, and it does not say what would happen behind the bleachers.Does not use “knocked up”.But I got suspended for being inappropriate.On city-data political forum,this was at the end of 18 pages about Palin/Pervert Letterman thread.

    • Blake says:

      That is kind of over the top, tim- we should not stoop so low as to go down to their level. It’s undignified, as you can tell from their letters.
      The fact that they believe this is okay, means they have no moral compass- they have been so used to shades of grey in their morals, that they no longer understand black or white, wrong or right.

  7. Darren says:

    I think the “nits make lice” comment made in Colorado is more accurately sourced to a Col. Chivington, not Fetterman. Fetterman served in Northern Wyoming.