Let’s Try English

Looks like school kids in Florida might be forced to learn Spanish. They are considering making Spanish a required course. This is the United States and the primary language here is ENGLISH. Perhaps instead of teaching our kids Spanish we should make everyone who comes here learn ENGLISH. I get tired of everyone expecting us to take in people and then have our kids learn their language so we can appease them.

Suppose a kid wants to learn French or German or any other language. He will be forced instead to learn Spanish. Well I have a bit of advice for the illiterate jackasses running the Florida School board. Let’s worry about teaching our children the proper way to use the ENGLISH language before we go on an adventure to appease immigrants. Our children’s language skills in their primary language are terrible. The way our children speak and write is absolutely horrible and we need to make sure they learn ENGLISH completely and correctly before the school board makes changes to pander to a segment of voters.

I have another idea Florida. Why don’t you make ENGLISH mandatory for the non-ENGLISH speaking populations. Probably because the ACLU would stick its communist noses in to stir up trouble. If the Floridians who oppose this stand up for their rights instead of rolling over the school board will back down.

I am tired of politicians (and that is all a school board has on it) ramming things down our throats in the name of political correctness. One day they are going to be sorry for what they are trying to do to us.

We need to pass a law making ENGLISH the official language of the United States.

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One Response to “Let’s Try English”

  1. Sounds like the Florida school board has about as much sense as the ones in California. Here’s a hint that might just help to explain a few things – though I think it shows the wrong kind of Peniten(t)ce.