Let’s Punish The Deniers

Particularly those who deny that classified information went through a home brew server and ended up putting our nation at risk. Or those who deny what actually happened in Benghazi and blame it all on an internet video…

Michael E Kraft, a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, has penned (really typed) an article advocating that fossil fuel companies be punished for denying climate change. He states that the companies denied what used to be called global warming even though their own studies showed that they were wrong. He likens this effort to the punishment tobacco companies received for denying that tobacco caused illness even though their research showed it did.

The American Medical Association was not punished even though doctors at one time advertised in favor of smoking.

There is a problem with asserting that anyone is denying established science since the science is not established or settled. The claim that 90 some percent of scientists agree is extremely misleading since a large number of the scientists surveyed were not climate scientists. The reports used were flawed, data were manipulated and some items were omitted in order to present the desired outcome. In this article Kraft claims:

Those who intentionally misled the public about climate change should be held accountable.

Indeed! We should start with the climate change Chicken Littles and punish them severely for misleading the public on this issue. Remember, we should all be burning up right now, at least if they were right with their predictions. Climate change is a way for activists and scientists to get money. Researchers get more to do research and people like Al Gore get rich snookering others.

As for the fossil fuel companies, is there any evidence that their own research showed something different than what they claimed? If this is the case then perhaps they need new research. In reality Kraft discusses advocacy groups paid by fossil fuel companies to produce reports contrary to the alleged established science. So which is it? How can they be saying something different than what their research shows if they are paying for research that gives the result they want?

Kraft says governments are acting but not sufficiently and he cites the Obama regime as one of them. This would be the same Obama who uses many modes of transportation that burn huge quantities of fossil fuels and produces tons of carbon. The same Obama whose family travels the world producing tons of carbon as well.

I digress.

There is no doubt the climate changes. It has been doing that since long before man arrived on the scene and long before the period of fossil fuel use. Carbon levels were much higher long ago than they are now and somehow the planet survived. It is cyclic and influenced by the activity of the sun.

But some folks will do anything to get money.

The climate change fanatics are using the same bullying tactics many other liberal groups use. Identify what they want to be a problem, demand costly change and then attack and threaten those who do not agree. This is what you see when groups yell racist, sexist or any other “ist” to stifle debate.

The climate folks have declared that what they say is true and if you do not agree you should be punished.

I do not agree. Come and get me Mike…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Let’s Punish The Deniers”

  1. Blake says:

    I too do not agree, and I have worked in the climate, so I have done something they have not- witnessed firsthand that climate changes of its own accord, and man has little to do with it.
    The only caveat I would say they have some small grasp of (remember, a man’s grasp should exceed his mind, so indeed they have small minds) I know, I reversed the saying, but in their case, it is proper- the only thing they have correct, (in theory) is the Urban Heat Island Effect, where all the concrete poured over a vast area affects the prevalent rain patterns, to some extent.
    All the rest depends on where the Highs and Lows that actually cause the weather form. These patterns change constantly, but man has nothing to do with it, and anyone who says different is both arrogant AND stupid.